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     *** 2011 NEWS & PHOTO's *** 

01/01/2012 Well the end of another very busy year :o))   I just want to thank everybody for being supportive, understanding and keeping me busy.  50 visitors this year, here's just a few, just look at all those happy faces.

Ben & Sally Weston From DurhamAnd talking about visitors the final one in this year was Ben Weston from Durham who brought his lovely lady Sally along for a spin in the sim.  Ben is considering building a 100% replica 737 for hire, so we had a good chat about it all and did a full flight test on Prosim.   Worked flawlessly!
Plans for this year is to totally integrate Prosim into the cockpit and do some maintenance.
NEWS TODAY is Prosim is out of BETA.   v1 was officially released 31st December

So, it just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year and here's to 2012.

25/12/11 Merry Christmas Everyone.   So busy this time of year.  Just got an e-mail from Hanne, so the Big News Today is The Prosim737 Licensing Webshop Is Open For Business HERE

VSD GaugeF/O Displays Inc. VSD GaugeUpper EicasDisplays Up & Running And talking of Prosim, i've managed to get round to starting to integrate the displays into the cockpit.  They are working seamlessly.  Response from the CPFlight Kit with Prosim is excellent. 
Ben WESTON is coming over after Christmas, so he'll be the first visitor to test fly it.
Well, that's about it before the New Year, got lots to do and i'm going to be giving the Beer Fridge a Hammering.
Just remains for me to wish all my friends, colleagues and visitor this year a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

click here to goto Revolution Simproducts18/12/11 Eren has been telling me that to ease the 'keeping the customer informed' situation, they have now put in place a new order progress notification system.     What's going to happen is this.    Once an order has been entered on the production schedule, a unique order reference will be raised and the customer will be advised by email of that reference.           Then as the product progresses thru each step of the production process i.e initial assembly, wiring, final assembly & testing etc, a new notification will be sent to the customer informing them of the progress of their order.       The customer will be able to access their order(s) at any time once they have the reference using the link supplied to them in the original email.    It's a great idea because there's nothing worse than not being informed.

16/12/11 Well work on ProSim737 continues. I've now got it installed in the F/O position and have been flying from the right so i can get used to the displays.  I'm just bombed out with the Terrain Radar and the VSD gauge. Have a look at these then and see what you think.  This is on the Runway and the departure from Innsbruck.  Ok, it was a test flight and I know i didn't set the Heading Bug because i was testing the CPFlight MCP and the F/O  Efis Unit assignments :o))  Click on an Image For a Detailed View.

Parked At Innsbruck Ready For Departure Rose & Terrain Selected Shortly After Rotate VSD & Terrain Selected Climbing Up The Valley To RTT Rose & Terrain Selected

Simon Corish's Meter Panel DigitsI really must get onto the Inputs, but Christmas is here and Madame is always asking me to Get This & Fetch That and Will I take her shopping - Never A Dull Moment in our house :o))           And I've Been busy with some projects for some colleagues.   Another set of 7 segment displays assembled for Simon Corish.    And the Overhead Re-Wiring side of things has been busy as well.    Alan Watson was over for a couple of days while we converted his overhead to be 'ProSim' Ready.  7th Overhead i've done this year.  I must be mad leaving my own stuff to sort everybody else, but i'm a nice guy.    And I've still got two more to do in the new year :o))     I just have one issue with the Phidgets LED64ADV Card,
so many F*****g wires in one place, but it works perfectly :o))

Alan Watsons Overhead Before Conversion First Stage - Fit The Switches He Wants And Decide Where The Cards and Wiring Will Run Input Cards In Then The Leds Need Connecting to the Phidgets Card Hey, Loook At All Those Wires :o)) And Finally Back In Place In Crawley :o))

08/12/11 Also Alan Watson was here for a couple of days for me to re-wire his overhead to make it ProSim737 compatible.   I had great fun turning a 'Pigs Ear' into a 'Silk Purse.   Photo's soon.

28/11/11 Big News today.... I've been in Paris this weekend looking at Revolution Simproducts latest 'secret development'.  Motion, Motion, you want Motion?  Well take a look at this then. Absolutely stunned with this.   I knew it was on the drawing board because the last time i was over it was a pile of component parts on the workshop floor.

Revolution Full Motion Simulator 3 Axis Motion Jetstream - Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Motion Platform 1500kg Capacity Powerful Full Motion & 180 Degree View Motion - You Want Motion :o))

It's a 3 axis motion simulator aimed at the Professional and Training market.   And of course we had to put it thru it's paces.  I reckon over the weekend we put 15 hours on it.   This one is sold already to a major airline but i'm not allowed to say anything more than that i'm afraid.   And then there's the inside :o))

Inside 1 Inside 2 Inside 3 Inside 4 Inside 5 Inside 6 Inside 7

Vidar, Eren, Dan & GeirMotorised Throttle, motorised yokes, full instrumentation package powered by Prosim.  Full 180 degree view (and plans to goto 220 degrees).   Purpose Built Overhead from CPFlight.  It's just looks and feels so real with all systems functional.      Also over to see it were a couple of Norwegian colleagues, Geir Petterson and Vidar and also joining us was Dan who flew in all the way from Switzerland :o))
More News on this as I have it.

23/11/11 News today is the ProSim 737 Flight Model is ready.  After several months in development it's now been perfected and will be available from both the Revolution Simproducts Shop and Prosim Website next week priced at around the 29 euro's mark.   Designed specifically for use with ProSim it's the ideal solution for users of the software to gain maximum advantage and performance in their setups.  The Paint Kit is due any day now.  Hope to have more news Monday.     

ProSim737 Flight Model ProSim 737-800 Flight Model ProSim/Jetstream 737

I'm off to Paris Saturday and Sunday because Eren has organised a Product Seminar where he has invited several guests to come and view the new Jetstream Products and he's using it as an opportunity to introduce some new products aimed at the Professional Market.   Did I say Motion?   Oops :o))  More on this Monday when I get back.

Simon And Richard 22/11/2011Simon At TIVAT in Minimum Conditions :o))Simon Corish and the Completed Overhead22/11/11 Well I've done my bit.   Finally finished, all done and Simon was over today to pick up his Overhead Panel.   Both of us are so impressed with the quality and the finish (and the performance) of this Overhead.  Simon is going to fit the knobs and the Switch Toggles.   Filip from Simworld mailed me today telling me the Digits have been despatched, so it's all done :o))      I've got an Engravity Overhead arriving next week - Watch this space as i compare them for ease of wiring.    And because Simon & Richard Myers were here, you have to put them thru their paces don't you.   The little bugger stunned me the last time he was here with a faultless arrival at Innsbruck, so I sent him into TIVAT (LYTV) in minimum conditions - i'm speechless, he nailed it.


simonoh23.jpg (191555 bytes)Simworld Overhead Panel - Ongoing ProjectSimworld Overhead Panel - Ongoing ProjectSimworld Overhead Panel - Ongoing Project17/11/11 Bit of Time this week so i've been concentrating on getting all the switches working & the led's hooked up to the Phidgets LED64.

  BU0836X Installed The Second BU0836X Card Installed Single LED Is Plenty Bright Enough  

Overhead Panel is now fully functional and tested out using Prosim. All that remains to be done is fit the gauges which by the way will be dummies and the front plates and then Simon can come and collect it.
I've been asked a few times how I hide the controller cards.  Have a look at the pics and see where i've placed them.

Nathan Codrington - Bromleytom2.jpg (144259 bytes)andy1.jpg (150959 bytes)Matt Miller - LythamBob, Matt & Andy - The BAE Systems 3Busy week for visitors.....  5 here this week.   First Up on Thursday was Nathan Codrington (left) from Bromley and Tom Ashman from Widnes.  Then Friday,  All the way from Warton near Blackpool, The BAE Systems 3.  Bob, Matt and Andy came in to see what it was all about.   They were very complimentary when comparing the 'pit' to the one they have at their facility, so that went down well didn't it :o))

The Revolution Simproducts TeamRevolution TQ'sEren & Ewan07/11/11 WOW, well we had a ball at Lelystad.   Great to meet up with old friends and associates as always.   But first a 'BIG Thank You' from the Revolution Simproducts Team to everybody who came to see us.   Me, Eren, Oral, JWS and Pernelle, Steve Mitchell, Jan & Fred.    And not forgetting Marty & Hanne from Prosim737 who joined us on the stand.   Revolution Simproducts have now entered into a 'commercial' relationship with Prosim - More News On That When I get the go ahead to spill the beans.   Very successful show for us and a lot of fun as well into the bargain.

The Revolution Simproducts Stand Eren Looking Very Nervous The Prosim737 Demonstrator The Prosim737 Demonstrator Marty (Prosim 737) & Eren Hanne (Prosim737)

Eren & Oral being Interviewed for TVMe Being Interviewed For TVMe, Eren and Oral were interviewed for TV, how about that then !  Then of course it was great to meet up with my mate, the old Romanian Bandit himself Dieter Jakob and his wife on the ROUTECH stand, he's just as funny as ever and he had several new products on show.  Really pleased to talk to the guys from Simworld also so I could discuss a couple of things about their overhead which I discovered building them. If you are going to buy an Overhead, you just have to consider this one.   And true to form, Gert Heijnis was there as well with FSXpand showing off the new FMC.   He now has compatibility with CPFlight kit installed in the new v6 software which makes it even more adaptable. 

Simworld - Got To Be The Best Overhead Out ThereDieter Jakob and his Wife Gert Heijnis and Another Happy Customer The Flyware Stand The Boys From Simworld Simworld Overhead Simworld MIP

Finally, no 'Boys Weekend Away' is complete without the social side is it?      I just have to say thanks to Max at the Airport Hotel In Lelystad for his exceptionally great service (and keeping us supplied with lots of Bitburger Beer).  Here's a few shots of the Saturday Evening.

David Bullock With a 'SMALL GLASS OF BEER'  -  Simply Not OnMax (the Beer is Probably For Us) Andras Kozma & Mike Latham David Bullock, Gert Heijnis & Steve Mitchell Pernelle & Jan Willem Efe & His New Wife Chinese Banquet at the Airport Hotel

     Left To Right: We caught David Bullock with a small glass of beer !  We soon put a stop to that :o))  Next, that's Max pulling the beer.   Then Andras Kozma and Mike Latham.  It's all Andras' fault I started cockpit building in the first place.    David Bullock (with a large beer), Gert Heijnis of Flyware with Steve Mitchell.     Jan Willem and Pernelle.    Efe and his new bride and finally our table.

The Entertainment Arriving It's Going To Be A Tight Squeeze We Seem To Think It's A Beech Almost There Eren's Car Was In The Way, But He Got Past :o))

And just when you think it's all over, the entertainment arrived :o))  There's all these flashing lights, so you have to go look don't you.  A Low Loader carrying an airframe for painting arrives and has to negotiate the turn in front of the hotel.     But Eren's car is in the way.    No worries, what a driver, he got past without any probs.  Is it a BEECH?    

Annunciator LED'sAlan Watsons Annunciators 02/11/11 Another great week away in Zakynthos (I should live there :o))  ). Well just getting ready to leave for Lelystad.  Working again with the Revolution Simproducts team, so come and see us won't you.  Back Sunday evening of the 6th Nov.  As usual, i'll have lots of pics and news i suppose.
Been waiting for the annunciator backplates from SIMON which have arrived, so when I get back, hopefully he will have got the BU0836X boards from Leo and I can then finish his overhead for him.    Then bugger me, another overhead has appeared on the horizon.   My mate Alan Watson wants me to wire his Engravity Overhead for him.
Prosim737 Terrain - AwesomeSo, i've made a start.  All I seem to have done this year is build overheads.            And finally what about the Prosim737 Terrain Gauge.  It just blew me away.   I'll be talking to Marty and Hanne at Lelystad because they are sharing our stand and there's going to be some real great news.  Ride the Jetstream :o))

15/10/11 Simon's overhead, work progresses.   I got held up waiting for some switches from MOUSER which arrived yesterday.  So, I've been able to complete the inputs.  Now just waiting for the BU0836X cards.   No big deal, i'm on holiday from Sunday for a week, so i couldn't do anything next week if I wanted to.

Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process

Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process Simworld Overhead In Process 

Mathew 7th Occtober 2011Kieran Truefit 7th October 2011Ah! The Belts :o)) 12/10/11 My pleasure to welcome two really nice guys over this week.  Kieran Truefitt (Right) and Mathew Hemmety.   Kieran is an Air Traffic Controller at Manchester Airport, so of course we had to do a sector into and out of EGCC didn't we.   Talk about by the book !  They were most insistent about wearing the seatbelts :o))  :o))

Don't you just hate wires :o))I F'ing Hate Wiring Up LED's :o))Right onto the overhead.   It's progressing nicely.  I've got 5v onto it so i can light up the 'dummy' annunciators.   The PHIDGETS LED64 card has arrived, so yes you guessed it i'm wiring up LED's, such a boring job.   What I've done is wire the LED's in groups as they fit on the panel e.g. Eng Gen Off/Source Off/Transfer Bus Off and wired them with the corresponding cable colour.  Yellow, Blue & Green for easy identification when i get to the LED64 Card.         Simon is getting quite excited now it's coming to life.   Biggest issue we have is that Leo Bodnar is out of stock of BU0836X boards until the end of the month, so that is going to hold things up a bit.   But, if you can't get them until the end of the month, that's the way it is :o))   Also finding time now to get the website upto speed as well (not before time, but i've been so busy).

Cracking On :o)) Inputs Basically Finished Managed To Get Some Power On It Today Oh! It Lights Up :o))

Kristinn Ellertsson 4th to 6th October 2011Kristinn Ellertsson 4th to 6th October 2011 06/10/11 Great Week, so busy.  Kristinn Ellertsson was here all the way from Iceland to get some practise in before he goes for his 'sim check' at Copenhagen Kastrup.   Full day flying 4th and 5th October and even 7am start for a 1.5hr slot before he left to catch his flight back home from Manchester on the 6th.   Talk about make me work :o))           Right back on Simon's Overhead.

 03/10/11 Work continues on Simons Overhead.  I just cannot tell you how good the quality of the SIMWORLD Overhead Panel is.  It's a pleasure to work with.   Just wondering why they machine some switch holes out for Large Toggle Switches and some for Miniature Toggle Switches.  I'll ask them when I'm in Lelystad.

SIMWORLD Overhead Panel Being Wired Up.  SIMWORLD Overhead Panel Being Wired Up.  SIMWORLD Overhead Panel Being Wired Up.  SIMWORLD Overhead Panel Being Wired Up.

Simworld Overhead PanelSimworld Forward Overhead PanelSimon Corish - Doncaster 30/09/2011 Holidays out of the way and back to work. First thing is Simon CORISH was here from Doncaster. Simon brought over his SIMWORLD Forward Overhead Panel for me to wire up for him.   And being here, you have to have a fly don't you :o))   The best approach & landing I've seen into Innsbruck, well he's got a frozen ATPL so i wouldn't have expected anything less :o))

click here to visit SimworldNow the panel itself.  Well I am blown away at the quality. This is the third Simworld Overhead I've wired up this year and I am so impressed with how everything is finished and just fits.   I'll post more pics as i get on with it over the week.   Also this week, I have a pilot coming in from Iceland for a couple of days practise before he goes for his sim check.  I've thought up some real 'nasties' for him :o))  :o))  :o))

Finally, I've been talking to the developers about this POKEYS55 card and the issues i've been having.  In all fairness they are 'on the ball' and really into solving the problems i am having.     They seem to think that possibly there may be an issue with Windows XP Home and the config software.   I've just hooked it up to my laptop running Windows 7 to see if that works.   Watch this space.

PoKeys55 USB Input/Output CardPoKeys55 USB Input/Output CardPoKeys55 USB Input/Output Card09/09/2011 I've just got one of these POKEYS55 input/output cards from Wendy at FSP.  I bought it to hook up to the Prosim Test Rig because Prosim now supports this card natively & gives you upto 55 inputs (or a mix of ins & outs).    This card can be configured as a keyboards emulator or as a joystick controller as well.
But (there always has to be a but), forgetting the Prosim configuration because it's all built into the main Server part and handles everything automatically for you, using the PoLabs configuration program is a NIGHTMARE!   I found the PoLabs config software to be 'buggy', not reliable, kept locking up and generally not friendly at all.    So as far as Joystick Controllers are concerned, forget this card, stick with the BU0836X and for a keyboard emulator, it's still got to be the Opencockpits USBKeys card.     Now if you're wanting to hook upto Prosim, then that's a different matter.    I'm away on holiday from Thursday for a week, but when I get back i'll be attaching some switches to this board and seeing how it performs.

02/09/2011 Thank you , thank you and thanks again.  Even more traffic over the last year.  Distinct visits here totaled 154,395 to year end 31/08/2011, with an average daily total of 425 visitors.  Most popular pages was this one and the Technical Information Page.  I'm stunned :o))

denys4.jpg (155293 bytes)Denys CLARKE was here for a couple of days (Aug 23rd to 25th) all the way from the other side of the world.  The second 'Aussie' in a year to come and have a play in the cockpit.  Denys lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland about a 100km north of Brisbane and has a setup of his own built around the PMDG.  It's always great to have other 'little boys' over to play :o))
To Quote 'I think it's absolutely brilliant and I have so enjoyed myself flying it'...Thanks Denys

Finally, Gert At Flyware has released v6 of the FSXpand software which now includes the FMC/CDU.  I've had it for three weeks, but because of visitors and workload, I haven't had chance to set it up yet.   But my desk is clear until Monday, so I'll take a look at it over the weekend.   I have managed to get the network sorted to run it on.

737 Electrical 'P' Panelspanels1.jpg (192233 bytes)click here for more info on the FSWEEKEND Deal30/08/2011 Again this year, EREN has asked me to work with him at the FSWEEKEND 2011 Show in Lelystad 5th & 6th November.      And true to form, he's got a 'Special Offer' on. Click on the image for more information.
I've been talking to Clive Dickinson and what do you know, he's breaking a Boeing 737.   I'm possibly interested in the Contact Breaker Panels if the money is right, so he sent me these photo's.   
But what I really want is a set of three cabin seats for seats1.jpg (48762 bytes) behind the cockpit.        I just missed a set on ebay which come up from time to time.    These went for £75.20 can you believe :o))        I'll get Clive to send me photos of anything he has available so we can shift it for him hopefully.   Right out to the workshop for a play and to see what I can get working in Prosim with Hardware switches.

John Perrin Was In Here24/08/2011 Busy, busy, busy :o))  John PERRIN was here Saturday for a 'catch up' and to get the low down on ProSim which I'm getting on very well with actually.   Apparently it's going to go Payware at 300 euro's which pound for pound (or $ to $ or euro to euro) is going to be great value.  It's quite an amazing piece of software for the money.   Holiday weekend in the UK next weekend, so not much will get done.     I'm onto getting some switches working with Prosim, but that's going to have to wait.

John QUEEN - Wythenshaw - 22nd August 2011Tony DALE - Altrincham 22nd August 201122/08/2011 Well things are starting to get back to some kind of normality and the sim has actually been flying quite a bit.    In today we had Tony DALE and John QUEEN for a spin from Manchester to Gatwick and back.  John flew the out sector and Tony brought it back.    Both these chaps work at Manchester Airport, so they knew their way around.    They were very complimentary and it's great when people appreciate your efforts.   I just have to compliment Gary SUMMONS of UK2000 scenery here.   Both the Manchester and the Gatwick Xtreme sceneries are superb.
UK2000 EGNT - Newcastle Xtreme SceneryUK2000 EGNT - Newcastle Xtreme SceneryUK2000 EGNT - Newcastle Xtreme SceneryUK2000 EGNT - Newcastle Xtreme SceneryAnd talking about UK2000 scenery, i just bought the new Newcastle (EGNT) Xtreme.  It's absolutely excellent and well worth spending your pocket money on.     Just wondering when he's going to do Cardiff for us Welsh Lads :o))

GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel14/08/2011 Lee Elcocks came over and brought his overhead panel with him.  He was doing a 'dry run' and brought it here to get me to work out exactly what he needs to get it operational. So, we sorted him out and ordered his kit.  It's one of Gez Britton's (he was here a couple of weeks ago) GLB Flight Products overhead panels.   So while it was here I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of it.   Lee is very excited and can't wait to get it up and running.  Fourth overhead I've been involved in this year and Simon Corish just called me and asked me if I could wire his up for him :o))

GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel GLB Flight Products Overhead Panel 

Gez's Gear Levergez2.jpg (153869 bytes)gez3.jpg (153796 bytes)07/08/2011 Thanks for all the contacts chaps.   No I didn't die nor been away on an extended holiday.   I have a major project on my desk from my old company which i have been working on for the last three weeks and it's taking up all my time.
However things have been going on in the background and visitors still coming over.    Gez BRITTON (right) of GLB Flight Products fame was here to fly and to show me some of his new products.   I am very impressed with the Gear Lever, so much so, I ordered one. I'll photograph it when it arrives (about 3 weeks).
Cap'n Neil HEATHER - Wirral - 4th July 2011Then it was a pleasure to welcome ex-AIR2000/First Choice/Jet2 captain Neil Heather over to play.   It's always a pleasure to have real world pilots here, they bring with them a world of experience and teach me so much.  Neil has a small setup at home and Ollie HALL - 27th July 2011Chris HULME - Kirby - 27th July 2011once he'd tried out the sim, he was going away to expand what he has.  I suspect he may be back.
Then we had Chris HULME and Ollie HALL over.   Chris is Cabin Crew with EASYJET out of Liverpool.      These two were so on top of their game, i was left speechless.   They worked exceptionally well as a team and planned so far ahead, nothing got in the way.   Ollie flew the EGCC to EGKK sector and Chris brought it back.
Just want to compliment Gary Summons here for the UK2000 Xtreme Scenery series.
Lee ELCOCKS was here with his Overhead Panel so we could take a look at it and plan how it was going to be wired up.    Seems to me I must have got involved in every Overhead Panel project in the UK over the past year :o))   More on that when i get time.    Thanks for bearing with me chaps, another month and things will be back to normal (but it's then holiday season. i'm away in Sept and Oct :o))  ).

Chris CLARKE - Stratford On Avon 22nd June 201127/06/2011 Well thanks chaps, the CDU sold as did the Yoke (seems like everybody wanted it), just got the MCPCombo left if anybody wants to make me an offer on it.    And I've got a set of CH USB Rudders here SOLD.   Details on the For Sale page.
 22nd June saw Chris Clarke here from Stratford on Avon who said flying the sim 'Was A Great Experience', well it would be wouldn't it :o)).
Then, what about this..... The Demo A380 hit a building at Paris.  It's OK, it may look like the Revolution Simproducts Factory, but it's not.

oops! can you watch my back :o)) Ladies & Gentlemen, there will be a slight delay !!! Where's My Wingman ?   :o))  :o)) Winglet Anyone ? Oh F**k ! Well I guess the Insurance Will Go Up Next Year :o)) That's F****d It !

Kit For Sale21/06/2011 Right, time for a clear out. The PMDG Test Rig has been stripped out and I now have a new one in the workshop.  So, I've got several pieces of kit which are 'surplus to requirements'.
First item i've got ready is a VRInsight MCPCombo Panel.   Has MCP, EFIS and Comms sections.   Works with most addon aircraft.    There's more information and pictures on the FOR SALE page.       My first yoke
*SOLD* there as well.   I will also have available shortly, a VRInsight CDU *SOLD* some CH Rudder Pedals, several Desktop Aviator Switch Panels and a 3 Slider Throttle/Mixture/Pitch unit.

hey man, just look at all those wires :o))some bast**d stole my overhead :o))there's a hole in my roof :o))16/06/2011 Well this is why nobody's seen me for a week or so :o))   This is not a hobby anymore, it's become my job (that's got to change).   I've spent every waking hour for a week on this, i was 'sweating like a glass-blowers arse' :o))     This has been on the cards for some time.  So, with PROSIM allowing the use of an LED64ADV card and being able to use Leo's BU0836X cards as switch inputs, I decided that it's time to completely re-work the overhead wiring, so out it came.   I'm not ready to transition yet to PROSIM, so i've re-wired the Overhead Panel 'artisticly' which allows me to use it with PROSIM (when i'm ready) and also continue to keep the sim 'flyable' using my own interfacing.   What i've ended up with is a TON less wiring and a 100% operational Overhead panel.   It's also given me the opportunity to fit the 7 segment displays and change the backlighting to LED strips as well (although i'm not 100% happy with that so, i'll need to do something about it  when I drop the overhead next time).    

7 Segment displays fitted to the Electrical Panel What a F*****g Mess :o)) All Done & Working :o)) All Lit Up :o))  :o)) Overhead Hooked Up to the Test Rig Land Alt & Flight Alt Displays Fitted

James & Camilla Ward - Click to ZoomSteve & Vicky Everson - Click To Zoom 10/06/2011 Lots going on..... it seems everybody who comes brings their  wife :o))
You don't think the girls are starting to take an interest do you?    First Steve EVERSON (left) came over 4th June to discuss what's going on with PROSIM and he brought Vicky with him for a jolly.  Nice to put a name to a face at last.  Steve got to put some time in while he was here as well.    Then on Monday 6th June, my pleasure to welcome James WARD (right) all the way from Cambridge who brought his delightful lady Camilla with him.   James is just starting out and i can only say he was impressed judging by the way he was grinning all the time.  

05/06/2011 Well what a busy week.   Re-wiring Steve Mitchells TQ and Steve Everson was here with Vicky discussing Prosim, but more of that later.

Click Here To Goto The Prosim Website28/05/2011 Starting to get to grips with Prosim. Couple of things I don't like about it (probably my inexperience with it), but all in all one very nice piece of avionics software.    One of the biggest issues with doing it the way I originally did it was the fact the F/O instrumentation was the wrong way round.   So I decided the first job was to get the F/O displays in - et voila :o))     Now what I need to do is get an EFIS working with them.  Plan is to keep the cockpit flyable (for fun or it becomes a job), so integrating Prosim into one section at a time is going to do that. 

Prosim F/O Display Prosim F/O Display Prosim F/O Display Prosim F/O Display Prosim F/O Display Prosim F/O Display

Click To ZoomClick To ZoomClick To ZoomClick To Zoom21/05/2011 Just got back from a vacation in Zakynthos (again) and in my mail was one from Marcus at LAUSITZ AVIATION.  Marcus has some ultra high quality 737 centre pedestals for sale.   These are fixed-sim quality, all aluminium construction and accurate down to the last detail.   Price for European customers (inc.vat) is 752.78 euros and for non-European customers the are vat-free at 632.59 euro's.  Shipping is extra.    These are the exact same pedestal I have (with a few improvements and now white powder coated).  Marcus tells me he can supply also with DZUS rails as an option for an extra 178.50 euro's.
You can contact Marcus HERE or see the Lausitz Aviation Website.

prosim5.jpg (126833 bytes)prosim1.jpg (115160 bytes)12/05/2011 While I was in Paris, I got to play around with Marty Bochane's PROSIM.   I was really impressed with what it offers.   Because I'm always looking for a way forward, I decided to setup a 'working model' on my workbench. This program has real possibilities.   Not only does it give you all the displays you need, there is a wide range of support for Input and Output devices.  From your everyday joystick cards like Leo's BU0836 family thru Phidgets Cards (LED64ADV) to the CPFlight MCP and the Engravity CDU.  So easy to setup and within an hour, I'd got it working with both the Engravity CDU and the CPFlight MCP.              Away on holiday in Greece for a week, but dying to get on with this :o))

 Cpt PFD & ND F/O PFD & ND The EICAS Works with The CPFLIGHT MCP/EFIS Units See I Told You :o)) Works With TheEngravity CDU As Well Situationa Awareness

Click here to visit Virtual Aerospace10/05/2011 Mark at Virtual Aerospace has been in touch to tell me the Sim is in and running and he's open for business. Based at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton, he's offering some great deals in the sim.
I'm going away on holiday on Friday, but when i get back, i'm going over to take a look at it, watch this space........  Contact Mark HERE
Also he's offering a 25% discount to visitors, so say you saw it here :o))

click here to visit Virtual Aerospace

va1.jpg (54610 bytes) Virtual Aerospace Sim - Click To Zoom Virtual Aerospace Sim - Click To Zoom Virtual Aerospace Sim - Click To Zoom Virtual Aerospace Sim - Click To Zoom Virtual Aerospace Sim - Click To Zoom

Peter Selmeci - Budapest, Hungary. 7th/8th May 2011Peter SELMECI was here May 7th and 8th all the way from BUDAPEST, Hungary.  Peter is an approach controller at Budapest Ferihegy Airport (LHBP), so he was showing me the ropes into LHBP :o))     Total of three flights over the two days and lots of talking :o))  :o))

Also I've done the 'How To Make Dummy 7 Segment Displays' doc.  Just have a look in the left hand column and click on the document image.    Not as difficult as it seems and it really adds that certain something onto the overhead.   Will look at the ability to change them using clock and driver chips when i have time.

Steve Mitchell's Overhead With Displays FittedDummy 7 Segment Displays7 Segment Display27/04/2011 Very busy two weeks (Bride had me decorating, visitors, Jobs to do - phew).   Well the idea of the dummy 7 segment displays really took off.  I've had a number of mails asking how to do it, so i'm in the process of writing it up in one of my documents.   On top of that i've had four sets on my workbench to make up for people.   They really do add that finishing touch to the overhead.

Steve Mitchell (The Flowerman)Andrew LohmanSteve Mitchell's CockpitAndrew LOHMAN was here 6th April, but i've been so busy I'm only just now catching up.  Another excellent flight with some good lessons learned.     Also had a day over at Steve Mitchell's in Macclesfield upgrading some of his software/hardware.
What started out as a hobby, seems to have become a job :o)).

I'm off to Paris Tuesday/Wednesday next week to catch up with Eren and Oral and to complete some work that has been hanging around for weeks.   So if anybody has any questions or suggestions then please let me know here and i'll pass them on.  

click here to ZOOM13/04/2011 Change of plan because of other commitments, going to Paris 3rd and 4th May now. And talking of Paris, I was talking to Eren this morning and he's got another promotion going on to celebrate Revolution Simproducts second year in business.   He's 'bundled' the Rudder Pedals with some CPFlight Kit and is offering a discount on the bundle.    There's three bundles to choose from  1. Rudder Pedals & a CPFlight MCPPro,  2. Rudder Pedals and a CPFlight EFIS Pro or 3.  Rudder Pedals and one each of the CPFlight Nav and Comm Radios. Click the image on the left for more details or see the PROMOTION page at         And here's what they look like fitted :o))

click to ZOOM  click to ZOOM  click to ZOOM  click to ZOOM  click to ZOOM

The New Revolution Simproducts YokeYoke Close Upreal close up04/04/2011 I may be going to Paris next week to finish off the new TQ Kit Video, so i was talking to Eren about what's going on over there.    He's telling me the New Overhead switches are ready and the Yokes are in production.      Here's a few shots he sent me to take a look at.  I'll be taking my camera with me when I go :o))
More info on the Yokes & Switches from Eren at 

ON/OFF 737 Overhead SwitchON/OFF/ON 737 Overhead Switch(ON)/OFF/(ON) 737 Overhead SwitchI'm also preparing for some major upgrade to systems in my cockpit. Over the years things have got a little bit untidy, go on it happens to everybody :o))   Obviously as you get more experienced and hardware/software develops, you find better (and simpler ways) to get better performance and realism.    So, after building Steve Mitchell's overhead, i'm going to utilise the services of a PHIDGET's LED64 ADV board to improve the logic and annunciation. Something I have planned for the summer months when the weather get's warmer.

26/03/2011 * FOR SALE * (ALL SOLD THANKS GUYS) I have a young colleague who started to build an Airbus A320 cockpit, but decided that he wanted to build a 'hands on' aircraft instead and has ended up with a C172.   So, he has a couple of Cockpitsonic A320 panels for sale.   An ECAM Panel which he's looking to get GB£25 for and a Flaps Panel for £10.   Both + shipping.

AIRBUS ECAM UNIT ECAM UNIT REAR Switch Close Up ECAM Unit & Flaps Panel A320 Flaps Panel FLAPS Panel Rear

ECAM Unit is complete with all Rotary & Tactile switches and ready to go.  Both Panels are 'backlightable'.
Anybody interested can contact ALEX HERE.

Robert Cassidy - 22nd March 2011Pete Deehan - 22nd March 2011Airbus FMS Manual is here24/03/2011 Tuesday saw Pete DEEHAN and Robert CASSIDY here for some practise.  Pete has just got his qualification and is now going down the 'looking for a job' road.   Robert on the other hand is now almost part of the furniture :o))  Originally with Thomson on 737NG's, he's now gone to QATAR Airways originally on 777's but has since transitioned to the A320.
Download Library is going well.  Seems everybody wants 737 docs :o))  But for our Airbus friends, there's a Flight Crew Training Manual and the FMS manual just uploaded.

Rhys Bettridge Took The J Rails for their first trip out :o))18/03/2011  Well managed to get the Captains J Rail in place, just in time for Rhys Betteridge to take them out on their first trip March 18th.   Always great to have real world pilots here because they teach me so much which makes for a better time.

Revolution Simproducts 737 Cockpit DoorI just got off the phone with Eren and look what he's come up with :o))    Here's some shots of the 737 Cockpit Door which is just going thru protoyping.  He's telling me that it should be ready in a week or so.  Will also come with a Keypad entry as an option, so watch this space for when i have more.   I'm going over to Paris next month and he tells me they have lots of new products in the pipeline for me to look at and photograph :o))   

New Document Library Page737 Cockpit Door737 Cockpit DoorCockpit Door14/03/2011  Over the years I have collected a real assortment of documents relating to the BOEING B737 and other Aircraft inc. the B757/767, the B777 & the Airbus A320.   These include Flight Crew Training Manuals, Flight Crew Operating Manuals, Pilot's Operating Handbooks, Quick Reference Handbooks etc.    This and I have an array of home produced documents as well, meant they were getting to be a handfull.          I was forever sending links to people so they could share these documents as well, so I decided 'Let's Tidy It All Up' and make life easy.
So as well as linking to Docs throughout my website, I decided to put them all in one place and make them readily available for download by creating a Document Library Page.  I've made a start, but this will be an ongoing Project.  Just click on the image at the left or HERE to see for yourself.

Turn A Roary Switch Into A potentiometerReady Built Switch From Leo Bodnar08/03/2011  Here's the 'How To' doc for using a rotary switch as a potentiometer and then using it's positional values to execute a command or send a macro in FSUIPC to operate your software switch or control.  Just click on the doc image to download it in .pdf format.    Using this method allows you to keep your indexing of the switch and your panel synchronised.    And if you don't want to make the switches up yourself, then Leo Bodnar is making them for sale.  Just have a look on his SLI-Pro page at the bottom which you can find HERE.

07/03/2011  Another very busy week (I Love It).   Well I managed to find time to mount the F/O Seat on the J Rail and then install it in place.   Very pleased with the operation and movement.  Just one little issue in that you have to have arms 2 metres long to reach the release bolt.   But I already have a cunning plan to rectify that :o))    I hope to have the other one fitted by the weekend.

F/O Seat Now On the J RailJ Rail & Weber Seat AdaptorFront End Of The J RailLocking MechanismFront Slide & Claw FeetF/O J Rail InstalledAll Fitted & Working

Rotary As A Pot 2Rotary As A Pot 1Simon KELLY was here Saturday putting the sim thru it's paces.  He handled it very well indeed into LOWI (not an easy approach to land that one).
He said "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have Simon Kelly - Chippenham, Wiltshire 5th March 2011 ago in your sim.   The journey was definately worth the effort. I Really enjoyed it"

       Finally this week, I have had several colleagues (4) recently needing to control rotary software switches with a hardware switch, yet still keep the hardware switch indexing with the markings on the panel.   Many years ago, Mark Deponeo taught me to 'ladder' resistors.   I completely forgot about this technique.  Then I realised that i could use it to solve this problem.   Pete Dowson allows us to use upto 10 actions from a Pot in FSUIPC when a pot enters a range in both the Up and Down directions.   So i turned a rotary switch into a pot with the aid of some resistors - et voila :o))    Result is that you can set the positions of the switch and get FSUIPC to send a macro to either increase or decrease the position of your software switch.   It works a treat.   I'm writing up the technique in a 'how to' doc before i forget about it again :o))    I'll upload it when i have finished it, probably later in the week.

Digits Fitted to Simworld OverheadFLT & LAND Alt Digits Fitted02/03/2011  Steve Mitchell was here Monday to pick up his Overhead Panel.   Here's what the digits look like fitted and 'Powered Up'.   Nice little touch this.  Now where's those J Rails?

28/02/2011  Got chance to take a look at the REVOLUTION SIMPRODUCTS 737 'J Rails' yesterday.  These are real clever and they work a treat.   Because I have WEBER seats, Eren made me a couple of adaptor plates to fit the 'Claw Feet' WEBER seats have.   He's going to be making these available as optional extra's at about 30 euro's a side.   Here's a couple of initial shots.  I'll take a look at fitting them at the weekend and will post more photo's then as i proceed with the installation.

B737 Seat J Rails  The Adaptor Plate for 737 WEBER Seats  Close Up of the Adaptor Plates  Open Position  Closed Position

27/02/2011  Phew! What a week. 7 (yes 7) visitors this week, three of which were actual 737 Pilots.  Ok, it may be just my project in the Garage, but it seems that it has a use when they want to practise for their 'Sim-Checks'.
Starting at the left, Stuart Rutter who is going to Air Baltic next week, Captain Peter Smith of Thomson Airways, Ryanair F/O Grant Doyle (Right in the Photo) with two PPL friends Adam Binks (left) and James Ormerod (Centre).

Stuart Rutter Going to Air Baltic   Captain Peter Smith Thomson Airways   Grant Doyle - Ryanair (Right) & his team  Jonathan Lockton & Richard Hutchinson

Then finally Saturday, Jonathan Lockton (Left) & Richard Hutchinson were in all the way from Peterborough doing a 'round europe' trip.
So, not much time for the Overhead Panel, but this week will see it all done.   Oh! The J Rails arrived, so that's another Job.

Revsim Controller Card ManualNick Hermansky Was here 19021119/02/2011  Nick Hermansky (another PPL) was here today all the way from Leominster doing the business into Innsbruck (love it, love it).  And we were looking at Continuous Descent Approaches.   Really putting the sim to good use :o))

Eren has now given me the go-ahead to upload the New RevSim Controller Card Manual, so you can get it by clicking on the image or by visiting their website HERE.

Now then, Steve's Overhead Panel....  well i have now found time to get going on the Land Alt, Flt Alt and Meter Panel Digits.   Got it beat, they are now working and ready to install in the panel itself.   Here's a taster.   Going to light it all up this week, so watch this space :o))
Red are Kingbright SC36-11EWA DATASHEET   Green are Lucky Light KW1-361CGS DATASHEET

meter panel digits Land Alt & Flight Alt Digits Faceplate In Place Flight Alt & Land Alt Digits A Matching Pair :o))

All Lit Upclick here to visit SimworldVery Nice QualitySimWorld Overhead Panel10/02/2011  I've managed to get back on Steve's SIMWORLD Overhead Panel to start on the outputs.   Going very well actually.   Here's some quick shots to show progress.   I really am quite impressed with the quality of this overhead.   I've seen quite a few panels from different manufacturers, but this one has got to take the 'best in class' prize.
We've fitted it with Revolution Simproducts Landing Light Switch Toggles and Steve has done a beautiful job on the Knobs.
Plan now is to tidy up the 'odds and sods' and then get on with the seven segment displays over the weekend. Better Photo's soon.

Getting Somewhere Now :o)) He's done a beautiful job on the knobs Revolution Simproducts Landing Light Toggles Sweet ! Attention To Detail

The Proud Father :o))Revsim Controller Card Manual09/02/2011  Alan Watson was here over the weekend.  I had been building a Motorised TQ for him so he came to collect it, learn how to set it up and configure it  and generally catch up.  Yes, we did our bit to support Californian Vineyards :o))

I've also been testing out the new controller card which Eren has developed and have now finished the Instruction Manual.    Some minor issues found, but like any new product there will be some wrinkles to iron out.    I now have v1.6 of the software and this is working well.       I'm just waiting for approval before making it available here.   That should be done by the end of the week.

The New Revolution Simproducts WebsiteOral just told me the New Revolution Simproducts Website is live and that the New Shop is undergoing live testing, so they expect to be up and ready for business real soon.

07/02/2011  Following Mark & Amanda's visit, they have sent over a discount voucher for advanced bookings, so why not save  yourself a few quid if you are thinking about going to 'have a go' :o))   And i've got an invitation to go and try it out once it's up and running.
Just quote the discount reference when making your booking and tell them you got the code here.

click here to visit Virtual Aerospace

06/02/2011  Friday 4th Feb., Mark & Amanda Furber from Virtual-Aerospace were here bouncing around ideas and having a play.   They have just purchased a full 737 sim from Simaviatik and will be installing it at SYWELL AERODROME in Northamptonshire for hire.  Plan is to be up and running for 1st May.   Nice, upbeat people, keep an eye on their website for news of opening and some great opening deals.   I'll post when I have more news on this.

Click here to visit Virtual Aerospace Mark Furber - Virtual Aerospace Amanda Furber - Virtual Aerospace The Virtual Aerospace Team

03/02/2011  First Bill Potts sent me this link of how they build a 737.  Really enjoyed watching it.

Here's What to use for your annunciatorsAfter I finish Steve's overhead, i'm going to re-work mine.  So i was looking at a better way to do the annunciators.  Here it is.   It's a DIL case.  Basically fits over an IC to protect it.
Available in all sorts of sizes.      Get them from CONRAD in the UK.
  Here's the Datasheet.

27/01/2011 Eren has been in touch to tell me that they are nearly ready to launch the Revolution Simproducts e-shop.   He's telling me that he's stocking kit from FlyEngravity, CPFlight, Flight Illusion and will also be making components and parts available.   Take a look for yourself.  And there's a loyalty scheme as well :o))

When I went to Paris, Eren sent a motorised TQ kit back with me to build for Alan Watson.  Part of the reason i got to do it was to see how easy it would be for 'the average' builder to 1. undertake and 2. how easy it would be for existing non-motorised TQ owners to upgrade to motorised.   I've finished it now and tested it.    Build time was about 40 hours because i had to work out how it all went together and document it.     I'm very pleased with the end result.

News Page was getting too big (lot of people telling me that it takes too long to load :o((   So, i've now had time to move it all to a page of it's own. Sort of an archive really.   2010 News & Photo's have been moved to the Diary section.  You can see them HERE

Alan Watson's Motorised TQ  Motorised TQ from Revolution Simproducts.  737 Motorised throttle Quadrant  Revolution Simproducts Motorised Throttle Quadrant  Isn't it Lovely :o))  Birds Eye View

Setup & Connection Doc for the Revolution Simproducts RuddersRevolution Simproducts Rudder Pedals Assembly - Part 2Revolution Simproducts Rudder Pedals Assembly - Part 125/01/2011 Motorised TQ is almost finished.  Bit of a delay because i've been doing some testing on the new controller card which means i have to test, then report , then wait for the update.  But i'm hoping to finish it this week.    So, in the interim, i took the opportunity to re-work the 737 Rudder Pedal Self Assembly videos.   Much better quality than my previous attempt :o))
Click on an image to stream them.

17/01/2011 I was in Paris last week for a few days 'doing the business' and one of the things that was mentioned was that the Rudder Pedal Document needed a section in it for how to connect up to a BU0836 card.    Job done, see the doc on the left.    I also now have all the material I need to update the Rudder Assembly Video to a much higher quality, something I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks.
I also brought a Motorised TQ back with me which I am building for Alan Watson, pics soon.

Phidgets LED64 Card Driving Led's from the PMDGPhidgets LED64 Card Driving Led's from the PMDGPhidgets LED64 Card Driving Led's from the PMDGPhidgets LED64 Output Card09/01/2011 Managed to get to play with the PHIDGET's card over the weekend after Installing the FLYBOYSSHOP Interface for the PMDG.   I've been hooking some LED's up to the LED64 card & set about getting the outputs mapped in the Interface.   This is so easy :o))     Result is the outputs from the Phidgets card are 100% synchronised with the PMDG software outputs.   This is just a 'dry run' before we start to wire up the annunciators in Steve's overhead panel.   I'm off to Paris this week to do some work with Eren, so i guess this is going to be a project from the last week of January.      I've also been working out the digital displays.   Download the Interface Manual HERE.

click here to visit Simworldvisit Flyboys Shop Here07/01/2011 Good grief 2011 already.  Happy New Year Captain's.   Well Christmas and the New year are out of the way.   I have to admit the Beer Fridge got some serious use :o))   I have been building a Simworld Overhead Panel for a friend and it's turning out to be something really tasty.   The quality is superb and being made of aluminium, is lightweight into the bargain :o))   This is how it's come along upto  now.    The plan is to use a Phidgets LED64 Card to light it up by using the Flyboys Shop Interface for the PMDG.    The Phidget's card has arrived, so i guess next week, we'll start to light it all.

Simworld Overhead Panel Simworld Overhead Panel Simworld Overhead Panel Simworld Overhead Panel Simworld Overhead Panel Simworld Overhead Panel Simworld Overhead Panel

Simon Lloydbottom - BirminghamSimon Lummis 14th Dec.201023/12/10 The two Simon's.  Simon Lummis (right) was here on the 14th December all the way from Peterborough and then on the 16th it was my pleasure to welcome Simon Lloydbottom in from Birmingham.     Always a pleasure to welcome new visitors, 42 this year - Phew :o)

Now here's something for you, here's the latest product from Eren at Revolution Simproducts.

Compareed With The OriginalBoeing Seat J RailsCaptain & F/O versionsonly 1" highLatest thing to come out of Paris is this. Boeing Seat 
'J Rails'  Absolute 100% dimensional movement when compared to the original mechanism.  All steel construction and only 1" tall. Each J rail set is supplied with top platform and can support  upto 190kg which is more than enough for you and your Weber/Ipeco seat.         There's some video's on Youtube of it working here:

All robust metal construction, easy installation, replica movement,  no  maintenance just SCREW AND PLAY:-) 

Christmas Specials From Revolution SimproductsRevolution Simproducts Airbus Rudders14/12/10 Eren has just called me and he's got the 'Christmas Spirit'.    Some special deals for the holiday season on Rudders, TQ's & the New Yokes.    Also now available are the Airbus Rudders. Click on the image for prices or go visit their website at
for more information.

Ian HayesLee ElcockThe Telford Team :o))13/12/10 I have 5 computers running on my system.  I've just gone thru a nightmare having problems with three of them.  It's taken me three weeks to get the system running back as it should.  If you've ever had to re-install a full system programming and then get it re-configured as it was you will know what a bast**d it can be. and I had to do that twice !!!!   So i now have two brand new units on board and a spare in case of a disaster.   But this week we cracked it all :o))      So, we have been holding off on visitors until last Saturday when it was a pleasure to meet up with 'The Shed Lads'.   Some of you may remember two guys in TELFORD building a 737 in a shed, Lee ELCOCK (right) & Ian HAYES (left).  Well they scrapped that idea because the shed was too small.  Now they're back at it and looking for a bigger shed :o))  :o))  :o))    Got three more visitors in this week and then that's it until after Christmas.


Test Video of Revolution TQ15/12/2009  There's been a lot going on the last two weeks so that's why i've been conspicuous by my absence.      First up, i've been working with the guys at REVOLUTION Simproducts 'fine tuning' the software for the TQ.  Here's one of the test video's.   Nice.