the New BU0836X from Leo Bodnar

Simplified Connections

Now Handling Rotary Encoders

Click Here to See The Revolution Simproducts 737 TQ

++ May 10th Dummy 7 Segment Displays Doc added ++

UPDATED Tuesday 10th May 2011
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Over 140,000 distinct visits were achieved  for year 01/09/09 to 31/08/2010.     Thanks Captains. 

I am getting so many e-mails regarding how it all went together and particularly how i use the PMDG 737, I decided to put together a page to assist other PMDG 'drivers'. This is general, but I will expand when time permits........  Click Here. 

The CPFlight MCP737 - Nice Piece of Kit

Lot of People Complaining that they have to buy the Flightsim Labs Driver now to use the CPFlight MCP with the PMDG.  Here's the ZIP files containing the Programming needed to use it without said driver.

CPFlightTools v3.03 Zip File          FS_COM v3.06 Update          v2.08 Firmware Zip File          How To Set It Up.

Aerosoft AES - The Run DownAEROSOFT AES ++ Added 01/09/2008
Airport Enhancement Services

On the Gate at EBBR Brussels  LMML Malta Gate 5

One of the best and most realistic ADD ON's I've seen in years.   Adds traffic and interactive events to your 'At The Gate' experience.  Check it out at or for more screenshots and info go HERE

Long Paddle Switches for the Overhead are available from LUCHTVAART Hobby Shop. Or MOUSER in Fort Worth TX
108-0027-EVX (SPST OFF/ON)
108-0028-EVX (SPST (ON)OFF(ON) )
108-0029-EVX (DPDT ON/OFF)
108-0031-EVX (DPDT ON/OFF/ON).

Now here's a great thing.  It's a pulse switch which only contacts in the direction of rotation.

pulse_switch1.jpg (19890 bytes) pulse_switch2.jpg (18188 bytes) pulse_switch3.jpg (21600 bytes)
So now there is a solution to the 'Encoder' Problem. You can send either two repeated Keystrokes  or repeat two seperate Joystick button Inputs. I haven't found these in the UK yet, but they are available from MOUSER
Here's the Data Sheet.  Connect it to Leo's BU0836 Joystick Controller card and you get Repeated Joystick Button Presses based on the direction you turn the switch.  Opens up all kinds of possibilities doesn't it.

click here to see my FSXpand experience click here to see the FSXpand EICAS
If you don't want to spend a fortune on Project Magenta (and who does), you can easily re-write your panel file to display PFD & ND and then configure your EICAS using the excellent FsXpand  Program from Gert Heijnis 

EICAS Screen & Standby Instruments Eicas,Standby & Flaps Guage from FSXpand B737 EICAS from Flyware

EICAS Panel Courtesy of FsXpand
includes the Boeing Standby Instruments and Flaps Gauge

"How To Use FSXpand to switch EICAS Screens"
I have been asked a few times how I went about getting the Panel Switching Operational.        Click HERE for the .pdf file
and for Information on 
"Using Remote Joysticks with FSXpand and FSClient"
 click HERE

What The Flight Attendant Sees :o) Boeing 737 Main Instrument Panel

What do you bung in the Chronometer Windows on the MIP, well working clocks of course :o) See the MIP Page for how to do it


Both Steering Tiller's came from ROUTECH in Romania

Routech 737 Steering Tiller (1)   Boeing B737 Steering Tiller (2)   Routech Boeing 737 Steering Tiller

steering tiller indicator plates Boeing 737 Steering Tiller Plate Yoke, Steering Tiller and Light Switches 

click here to visit navigraph
This has got to be the BEST solution for your Worldwide Charts.  Upto date, excellent quality and affordable. 20 Euros buys you 300 credits, thats a full charts package for 150 airports.  Works out at 13 cents apiece. And they have now joined forces with Richard Stefans Navdata Service which will mean your charts and your FMC Navigation data will both be synchronised.

SYMULATORY Throttle Quadrant
Well I 'Bit The Bullet' and went out and bought the SYMULATORY Throttle Quadrant.  Sadly it arrived damaged, but with some mailing backwards and forwards Jakub and I have resolved the problem and I'm just amazed at the level of realism it adds to the Pit.   Not cheap, but a 'must have' for serious builders.
See the TQ Page

** How A TQ Works and How To Connect It To FS2004 HERE


USBKeys & JOYSTICK AXES Cards from Opencockpits
Two interface cards from Opencockpits in Spain. The USB Keys  and the USB Axes.  There's more information on the OpenCockpits Page.

Here's the BEST USB Joystick Emulator I use, BU0836 

How to make a Matrix Board for the BU0836 from Leo Bodnar. Gives you 8 analogue axis inputs and 32 buttons,     check it at LEO's Website where you can also find the connection diagram. Now also available in 12 bit resolution for even better accuracy on the axes.

And I'm always being asked by our less experienced colleagues how i connect to the card using a Matrix.
The pdf file on the left will tell you how to make the connections easily.

** HOT And there's more.  Leo has just introduced the BU0836X board.  Much Simplified 'Push Fit' connections, so no need to be soldering up Matrix Boards.  Every input neatly labeled for easy identification. BU0836X now supporting upto 16 encoder inputs from 1,2 & 4 pulse per detente encoders and translating them into joystick button presses. He tells me it Sure Electronics Rotary Encoder - Cheap and Reliable should be on his website week beginning 31st March.   see 
I'm using these encoders from Sure Electronics on ebay with the BU0836X board.  They are cheap and work a treat (set the switch pair 1:4 in Leo's config utility).    also incorporated push 2 make switch. 

DZUS Fasteners from SIMVIONICS Phil's DZUS Fasteners Fancy A Screw :o))
DZUS Fateners Come From Phil At SIMVIONICS

hispapanels weather radar panel   hispapanels stabaliser/cabin door panel   hispapanels rudder trim plate

  Looking for a Single Lightplate or Switch Panel. Here's a bunch of guys who know where it's at. I just ordered the Weather Radar Panel, The Stabalizer/Cabin Door Panel and the Rudder Trim Panel. Talk to Manolo at HISPAPANELSReal Nice Guy who replies by return and is very helpful.

overhead_diagram.gif (277787 bytes)So where do you start with the overhead panel. There are so many systems and indicators that it can be a real problem getting them all sorted out. Ok well a great place to start is here.   Just click on the 737NG overhead panel image to help you get all the right indicators in all the right places.

VRinsight CDU - give this a miss - it's a nightmareVRInsight CDU   We are led to believe by the manufacturer and the Retailer that this unit is compatible with the PMDG.  It's a f*****g nightmare from start to finish. The manual i got was inaccurate, lacked so much detail and i spent best part of a day sorting out the .ini files just to get it to do something.  Then your problems start! It only sort of works with the PMDG.  Some keys work with the KBD function on and some when it is off. Some keys work both with the KBD function on and off and have different actions based on the state of the KBD input function.  So you find yourself constantly turning the KBD function on and off with the mouse (now do i need the KBD function On or OFF to press this key?).  From experience, give this one a miss and don't waste your money.  All it's really good for with the PMDG is for sending keys in as a keyboard emulator.  I'm told it actually communicates direct with the LevelD767.  2 questions here, why don't PMDG release their SDK or better still why don't LevelD develop a 737NG ! Then we'd all be happy.

Download FSCoPilot seems to have gone AWOL.  So, if anybody's looking for a copy of the FSCoPilot utility installation Program, i've got it.
Just click on the image to download this very useful utility.   I use it for auto Time Synchronisation.

'Ere have you seen these? 737NG Yokeboards/Checklists.  Made by Engravity and Available from the LUCHTVAART HOBBY SHOP in Amsterdam.

Take a closer look HERE

The Captain's YokeJust click on the image for a closer look at the Checklist Fitted to my Yokes.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. My Cockpit is hooked up to the internet over a wireless connection and i was having problems with the connection 'dropping off' in bad weather conditions. So this was the perfect solution, NETGEAR'S WGXB102 Extender kit.  Hook one end into your router and a wall power socket and take the other unit to the nearest power socket to your Wireless network machines.   SORTED !

SVGA Display SplitterSVGA Monitor Splitter takes One Output to 2 Monitors

This is FUNNY !!

Four Forces Act On an Aircraft - WEIGHT - LIFT-THRUST - DRAG


click here for more information on flying in the Sim

Working With The CPFlight MCPEX1 Output RelaysCPFLIGHT MCPEX1 Output Relays
Several people have asked me about these relays because of getting my Eng and Spar valve annunciators lit using them. Then, Mark Deponeo came up with a brilliant idea to control the overhead power supply automatically using output switching so I wrote the lines for him for his DigitalOut.cfg file.   This got me thinking and a whole new field of thought evolved.   Here's how to get to grips with writing lines for your CPFlight MCPEX1 configuration file and getting it to do what you want it to do - neat :o))

How I Got The Tiller working
How To get The Tiller Working

Here's a .pdf file about how i got the Steering Tiller installed and working.
Very Satisfying :o))

737ng Steering Tiller Are You Driving Or Shall I ?

click here to get better sound in your simJust by bringing different aspects of the Sound envelope and effects at you from different directions makes a BIG difference.  Here's what I did to create a better environment which has added to the realism factor.
The .pdf file is HERE
The Full Scale diagram is HERE

You can build simple encoders from rotary switches quite easily. Click on the document image on the left to see how it is done. This was how i got the Wiper Controls working in the PMDG successfully.  Can also be applied to other rotary switch commands which require a 45 deg. incremental/decremental/distinct position level of control.
Quote - Jorg Hermann "I am working with encoders as part of my job and it never occurred to me to approach the problem with such a simple solution"

And taking this idea further, here's how to control a 3 position software switch using a hardware switch or 3 position Rotary.

Control a 3 Position Rotary Switch from Hardware - .pdf file

4 Tone A/P Disconnect Wave File for the PMDGThe PMDG A/P Disconnect wave file only gives you two tones, when in fact the new NG's emit 4 tones when disconnecting the A/P. I've done a remake of an A/P Disconnect 4 tone file. Click on the image to download it, save it and copy to your FS2004\Sound\PMDG\737tng folder.

Boeing 737NG Control Column+ Build Your Own  BOEING 737 YOKE
I've been building a Boeing Style Yoke for a friend and it's How To Build A Boeing 737 Control Column turned out better than expected.  All i used was an old CH Gameport Yoke, some Grey Rainpipe, 8mm threaded rod and some flat bar.   I have to admit we spent money on 2 Gas Struts and some Aluminium Checker Plate for the Base, but finished cost was £70 about 110 euro's all in (except the Control Wheel).  We even have the Buttons and POV working.   Then i got an engineer to make me the proper base which added another £90 (125 euro), but the finished item is amazing. Take a look at the build document.

new yoke mechanism - Click to  Zoom new yoke mechanism - Click to  Zoom new yoke mechanism - Click to  Zoom

new yoke mechanism - Click to  Zoom new yoke mechanism - Click to  Zoom new yoke mechanism - Click to  Zoom 
+ Added 2nd Dec 2008 +
I've now perfected this idea.  We have now constructed the Mk3 Yoke and i'm absolutely delighted with the results. See the Yoke Document above.
737 Control Column  The Mk3 Control Column & Yoke  Boeing 737 Control Column

737NG Yoke Complete just 168 Euro's
++ADDED 20th Sept 2008++ The Glassfibre 737NG Yoke in Manufacture Yokes are OK, but they are not 'substantial'. so for Mk3 i found these from SAID in Holland. Price at date of writing is 168 euro's.  Solid moulded Yoke with 3 switches and wiring. Captain & F/O yoke available.

 build your EFIS units for the PMDG - cost 112 euro's :o)+ BUILD YOUR EFIS Units for The PMDG 737NG.... 
Leo has now added encoder input with the BU0836.  I have the utility to 'flash' the card so it can work with encoders. You can download the utility here.   But please remember only cards built after December 2007 have this capability.
So we went ahead and built an EFIS unit for the PMDG with the BU0836. Take a look at the .pdf document on the left to see how it was done.

++ 737NG Crew Oxygen Panels ++
Crew Oxygen Panels came from Joe Cygan at
Innovative Flight Simulator Products in Texas.

737 Crew Oxygen Panels Press To Test Innovative Flight Simulator Products

OK How do you get your HARDWARE Overhead Panel Operating the PMDG Overhead Panel? Not as difficult as you think. See the OVERHEAD PAGE for More Information.
BOEING 737NG Overhead Circuit Diagram
Now we are controlling the Overhead Panel, it's time to get down to sorting out the Power Distribution and correct lighting of the Annunciators. It's a big Project and Info is available as I go along on the OVERHEAD page.
The PROVISIONAL WIRING 'How To Do It' .pdf file is now up on the OVERHEAD page.
*** Annex1 added to Document 12/08/06 ***

knobs1.jpg (43897 bytes) knobs2.jpg (41402 bytes) knobs3.jpg (46094 bytes) 

Some company's charge as much as 7€ apiece for cockpit knobs - WOW that's almost £5 each ! And you need 11 for the MIP and another 18 for the Overhead Panel a total of 29 x 7 = 203€ (about £140 or $240) for knobs - NO WAY.....Simple solution make them yourself for less than 2€.  Click HERE to find out how.

Cockpit Knobs from ROUTECH (Romania) ROUTECH Knob Boeing Type Knob from ROUTECH

Or as you progress, here are the Boeing Knobs from ROUTECH in Romania.  Lovely people, Deiter Jakob has a great sense of humour - ask him about his dog :o)

737NG MIP Dimensions (1.5mb)
737NG MIP Dimensions (Click on Image)

Cockpit Window Layout Drawing which arrived in my e-mail  ... Thanks
Here's Another One I Found

Juan Cordon Had the Best One
click on the image for a large image

There's an amazing Tutorial on Building Seats HERE

by Daniel Friede...Here's the Dimensions

Here's a 737NG Cockpit Dimension Drawing.  Thanks to PEDRO BIBLIONI for this one.

An Adobe pdf file of Cabin Dimension Notes is HERE

737_flightdeck_rear.jpg (255986 bytes)And HERE you can find all the information and dimensions you need for the rear cabin wall and observer seat, along with the rear avionics and systems bay. Oh and dont forget the Coat Stowage :o)

I have had a few enquiries about the Gear Lever.  This is a standard stock item at the LUCHTVAART HOBBY SHOP in Holland.
Price as of 21/01/06 is still at 85 euros, that's about GB£58 or US$102.
Comes complete with all wiring for instant connection,but does not include the Facia Panel.
See it HERE

(10/07/06. possibly Luchvaart have discontinued this lever in favour of the ENGRAVITY one)
Also Marcus Menzel at Lausitz Aviation has developed a higher quality Gear Lever which is quite impressive and substantially cheaper than FDS. See that HERE

Check Out the 737 Sound Set at ARIANE STUDIOS. I paticularly like the Wheel Noise effect on the Landing/Take Off Roll and the wind noise on the Landing Gear, really gets the IVIBE seats bouncing. Also using the sound config utility, this sound set can be applied to any aircraft.

AS222 Surround Sound SystemAnd talking about the sound envelope, I just added to the system an Acoustic Solutions AS222 5.1 Sound System. This system although designed for Home Cinema, has a switchable input. click here to get better sound in your sim So what I did was to route the sound from FS2004 thru the Front and Subwoofer speakers, the comms (the radio channel from Squawkbox and the Voice ATIS from Active Sky) thru the rear speakers and the aircraft P.A.System thru the centre speaker. WOW ! The cockpit environment has a detailed 'surround sound' with input coming at me from 6 different directions.  The Subwoofer (Volume Adjustable) adds a real depth to wheel rumble, Gear Travel and Speedbrake. I've hidden it inside the MIP Stand, so i get vibration as well.  This is a real improvement and well worth the effort. Click on the image for a detailed description of how it's done.
(Thanks to Andras Kozma for That One)