BEST ADD ON - AEROSOFT for AES (Love It, Love It)
BEST UTILITY - PETER DOWSON for the FSUIPC Mouse Macro Technique
BEST HARDWARE - LEO BODNAR for the BU0836X Controller

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Quick Find: - Photo's 2007

Timeline January to December 2007  Well 2006 became 2007 and I had to make a decision about how i was going to proceed. Got a lot planned for this year. We will not mention the Floor - OK.

The Engravity CDU - Best Addition of 2007B737Ng Eyebrow WindowJanuary 2007,  Ok, moving along, Madame bought me the Engravity CDU for Christmas. So in it went.  Got the Licence key from PMDG and way to go :o))
The 737NG Eyebrow Window Panels arrived from Nick at the AIRLINE PILOTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY (Look under Rare & Hard To Find Items).   These will give me the right angles and dimensions to get on with the Cabin.

Routech Steering Tiller (2)Routech Steering Tiller (1)Routech Steering Tiller (3)February 2007,  Although I had received the ROUTECH Steering Tiller at the IFC Show in Birmingham (Dec 2006), I didn't get round to doing anything with it until February 2007.   Hooked it up to Joystick controller so at least I can check the operation.   Can't fit it until the sidewalls are in.

Rear Overhead Panel from Lausitz Aviationare we having fun or what ?First Photos of the Cockpit ShellBoeing B737 Flightdeck Under Construction April 2007,  Ok, the warmer weather arrived and some work was being done on the cabin itself. Marcus Menzel had given me a  Rear Overhead frame which i put in place. Still using only one projector.   Here it's all held together by clamps because i just have to get the shape right.  It's got to look like a 737 and not a Volkswagen Beetle :o))

Cabin April 2007 Cabin April 2007 The Frame April 2007 Starting to Take Shape April 2007 I Just Cant Stop Playing With It Mummy :o))

Progress April 2007 The Original Lausitz Aviation Rear Overhead Frame Rear Overhead and My Finger :o)) The Devil's Nest :o)) Now Which One Starts The Coffee Machine? Sidewalls In and Painted 30th April 2007 Looking Good.Now all I've got to worry about is the roof. 

May 2007,  Kay Hunze at SIMMOTION very kindly sent me a Demo Overhead to build.  I'm stunned with the quality !  But sadly it seems they have stopped producing this panel because it no longer appears on their website - Shame really, it amazing quality. Not a great deal done this month because I was away for two weeks on holiday.

737 Overhead Generator Panel Boeing 737 Overhead Fuel Pump Panel Boeing 737 Overhead Fuel Pump Panel (2) Boeing 737 Overhead Display Panel Boeing 737 Overhead Electrical Panel - Detail Boeing 737 Overhead Panel Kit Boeing 737 Overhead Fuel Pump Panel - Detail

June 2007,  Work starts on the New 737NG Overhead Panel... So many screws and switches!  But I've got to finish the cabin.

Assembling the Overhead Panel Assembling The 737NG Overhead Panel Light Panel On the Lower Overhead Now We Are Starting To Get Somewhere Eng Generator Drive Switches More Light Switches :o)) The Start Of The Pressurisation Panel

July 2007,  A Second InFocus Projector Purchased along with a DualHead2Go Unit.  Got to improve the visuals :o))  The Roof has been put in along with the Overhead Speakers and I bought two Halogen Spotlights for the Eyebrow Windows from my local Hardware Store. Now I can see the maps!   Finally the Tiller has also been fitted and assigned in FSUIPC for Ground Steering.

Let There Be Light :o)) A Very Functional Home Cockpit Cheap Map Lights From The Local Hardware Shop No Driver! - It must be on Autopilot It Makes Me Feel All Warm Inside :o)) What, No driver again ! 

August 2007,  Playing Around with the Second Projector. Using a Dual Head2Go, I was getting a strange orientation on the ground. So I started just playing with two views.  Wideview computer added to give me forward left and forward right view. No room to use projectors, so I'm using TFT's instead.      Work on the new 737 Overhead Panel continues.....albeit slowly.  Cabin is looking GOOD.

FL350 over the Alps FL350 Over Switzerland In The Turn Beamers Are So Much Better Home From Home :o)) 737NG Home Cockpit Looking Goog I Think.

Can It Get Ant Better Than This?   It Does ! Cruising :o)) 737 Overhead Light Panel 737 Overhead Light Panel 737 Overhead Light Panel 737 Overhead Light Panel Eng Gen Drive Switches

 Starting To get the annunciators working Switches are taking shape and a connetion plan is forming Progress so far - 31st August 2007 I'm sure we will get there in the end Starting To Look Like An Overhead Panel Ditto Standby Rudder Switches

September 2007,  All my spare time this month seemed to be spent on wiring LED's.  But it was worth it.  A friend suggested that we build some lifelike CONTROL COLUMNS.  Well that started something...........

 The 'Switch On' Amazing what 5vdc can do :o)) Starting To Brighten Up Ditto Could Not Wait For Nightfall Like a Christmas Tree :o)) Very Satisfied, But It Will Be Better With The Legend Plates On

October 2007,  Ok IO Know there are a lot of Overhead Panel Pictures, But it was a lot of work !  Not a lot done this month because I had another holiday.   I don't know how i find the time :o))

Nov 2007,       November saw the First 'Prototype' 737 Yoke.  Ok I admit it's not perfect, but it was just to prove the concept.  Which it did admirably.  So into the cockpit to test it.    It worked so well it delayed the Mk2 by about two months :o))

The Prototype 737 Control Column - Nov 2007 Prototype 737 Yoke (Ok, I know it's awful, but it gets better) I Knew CH Yokes were good for something :o)) Proving the Yoke Concept It's called development :o)) Doesn't Look much, but it works a dream :o)) Then we have to test the Idea

Claudio & Paolo of CPFlightThen of course November is the Lelystad Show....   It's great to meet up with all your old friends and catch up on what is new in the Flight Simulator world.  Thanks to Gert Heijnis, Kay Hunze & Marielle, Baris Imer, Bjorn Harlin, Alan Watson, Harry van der Sande and everybody else for making this a great show.

      The Annual Lelystad Pilgimage (Like The United Nations :o)  ) Kay Hunze & Team Kay Hunze & Baris Imer Gert Heijnis of Flyware Baris, Alan Watson & David Bullock

December 2007,  This is how far I have got as of the end of the year. It appears the Floor will have to wait until next year.

737ng Overhead View 737NG Pedestal & Throttle Quadrant Testing The 737 Yoke The Home Built Yoke On Test FSXpand 737 EICAS & Standby Instruments Another Shot of The TQ and Avionics Bay Baris On The Tiller

Baris Imer - Real Life 737ng pilot FSXpand Eicas Instruments Boeing 737NG Cockpit Me In My 'Office' Boeing 737ng cockpit - All My Own Work :o) 737ng Overhead Panel

FSXpand Eicas Instruments 737NG Overhead View FSXpand Eicas Instruments FSXpand Eicas Instruments Fire Panel & Flight Illusion Radios Fire Panel & Flight Illusion Radios