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   Revolution Simproducts Motorised TQ and the PMDG737

Boeing 737 Auto TQTQ Showing BacklightingRevolution Simproducts TQ25th March 2010 I'd been testing the Prototype Motorised Throttle Quadrant from Revolution Simproducts which I had here from Late 2009.   So I went to Paris in January to look at some of the new enhancements that had been developed based on the trials before making a final decision about which level of sophistication i wanted.         25th March, a large brown van stops outside our house, it's UPS with a big plywood crate for me :o)) 
10th April 2010  Took me 3 days to strip out the Cockpit and fit this new addition because none of my old leads fitted did they :o)) and i wanted to bury the CDU's (but that's another story).   But now it's in, lets look at some of the functions it offers.   I've got it hooked up to the PMDG 737NG and it works exceptionally well, so it's all systems go from here on in :o))

737NG TQ Is This a Throttle Quadrant or is This a Throttle Quadrant :o)) Nice BackLighting What I Get To Look At :o))  Home From Home Boeing 737NG Throttle Quadrant On The Go :o))

Boeing 737NG TQ In PlaceOk, So What Does It Do?  Well it replicates the performance, functions and behaviour of the actual Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant as close as is possible at this time.  In Auto Flight the Throttle Levers move commanded by the data coming out of the actual Flight Management Computer.   The Trim Wheels follow the commanded trim by rotating in the instructed direction, both from the FMC and also from Inputs via the Yoke Trim Switches when flying manually.   There are even working Trim Indicators.      Moving on, this TQ has the ability to Auto Deploy the Spoiler at Touchdown from either the (usual) Armed position or even the Down & Locked Detente if the Crew miss to Arm it on the Approach.   The Spoiler is even locked at the Flight Detente Position only when in flight, it's impossible to bring it to the Fully Up Position.   The Reverse Thrust Levers are Locked when in the Air and can only be actioned when the Throttle levers are in the Idle position on the ground.
It then has the ability to send in the
A/T Disconnect & TOGA Commands, Set the Parking Brake and even let's you use the Manual Trim Input via the STAB TRIM Switches

Runs in SIOC v3.52b or laterPart of Leo's Specially Designed Controller Card SystemSo How Does It Work?  Ok, This Throttle Quadrant connects to the PMDG (or your aircraft/avionics suite) thru SIOC for data exchange which drives the auto functions on the TQ via DC Motors. So there are no servo's to  damage if you move the levers when the motors are working. Setup instructions and your script will be supplied to you direct from Revolution Simproducts.     Button functions are via a specially designed (by Leo Bodnar) input card which connects via USB and button functions are assigned with FSUIPC for accurate action which is synchronised with the actual control  state in the 737 throttle Quadrant.  I have SIOC setup on a networked computer and running over WideFS.   See this .pdf file for HOW TO DO IT.


Axes Functions Included:
Fully Auto Throttle Following Aircraft Data.
Independent Reverse Thrust Levers
Trim Axis On Auto Trim Wheels
Flaps & Spoiler Axes

Captains View of the TQ     Throttle Quadrant First Trial

Top Down View of the TQ     Just Like Being Home :o))

Functions Included:
Fully Auto Spoiler Deployment at Landing.
Auto Parking Brake Release From Toe Brakes.
Reverse Levers Locked in Flight
Spoiler Locked to Flight Detente in the Air

Button Functions Included:
Independent TOGA Buttons
Independent A/T Disconnect
Parking Brake (and More)
Manual Trim Function

Fully Engraved Handles     Throttle Quadrant Installed

Ok, So How Does It Connect Up?  Well because this is the Proline Version, there are three USB Connections to Make.  That's two for the two DCMotor Cards and One for the 'Bodnar' Controller.  I also needed to feed it with a 12vdc supply for the Backlighting (and the Parking Brake Indicator) and have two AC power sources for the Power Supply Units.  Using WideFS/Wideclient, all three USB connections have been attached to the networked computer which is running the SIOC program.   FSUIPC sees the Button Presses from the Networked machine for TOGA, A/T Disconnect, Parking Brake and Manual Trim over WideFS, so no worries.

Now All Throttle levers are AluminiumThrottle Lever Before PaintingThe New Aluminium Flaps LeverAluminium Flaps LeverHandles    All Revolution Simproducts Motorised 737 Throttle Quadrants are now constructed using Aluminium Handles and a Machined Aluminium Flaps Detente Plate With Gates.  New Light Grey OptionPainted PartsPainted PartsHere's a couple of shots of the Alu. Parts before and after Paintng.   And just to get you a little more excited, this is what it looks like in the dark when the backlighting is applied.

BacklightingBacklightingBacklightingBacklighting Backlighting Backlighting

Conclusion Well, it took 6 months from the first time I saw the prototype to actually making my first flight with this TQ, but i have to say, it was worth the wait.    I was actively involved with the prototype, testing it, bouncing ideas off the Revolution Simproducts Team on wiring & design and generally having a good time in the process.    Now it's in and running with all the little wrinkles ironed out, it's a whole new ball game, experience wise.    It's as near to real operation wise as you are going to get and to top it all - it looks the part as well.
As with any new product, there were some 'issues' which did cause some 'design delays' making the initial deliveries, but the end result is more than an adequate unit.   I love it now it's finally in and working and if anybody wants to see it run, the door is always open to visitors, just e-mail me and we can sort it.

Non Motorised TQBasic Non Motorised TQBasic Non Motorised TQBasic Non Motorised TQNon Motorised TQ  Here's some shots of the Basic TQ I took when i was in Paris.  This one was destined for COCKPITSONIC.    All Axes function via a 'Bodnar Card' which means your PC is going to see it as a standard joystick.  And of course to make it even more accurate, you can set it all up in FSUIPC.    The design of the trim wheels has been changed and several other items have been updated.   Also available as an option is the backlighting.  A real cost effective addition where Budget is a concern.

You may remember I built a TQ from kit form  and video'd/photographed the build because Eren at Revolution Simproducts is going to start making them available as kits to reduce the cost.   Well i've assembled the 'rough drafts'   Here they are.   First one is the Mechanical Build and the second one is Fitting the Covers.    When i have more time, i'll polish them up a bit.   Beauty of the new design of course is that it's modular which means the Non-Motorised TQ can now be upgraded to motorised by fitting the motors and controls as a 'retro-fit' at a later date.

TQ Assembly Video Part 1 - Mechanical Build   Non Motorised TQ Wiring Diagram   TQ Assembly Video Part 2 - The Covers

SYMULATORY TQ is now out, but i've left the Page up because there are still a lot of them out there. Just click on the Image to goto the SYMULATORY TQ Page