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  + 29/08/08 Aerosoft AES Review Added + UPDATED Sunday 3rd August 2009
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Quick Find: - 'EC-ING' - The Aircraft & Her Destinations (Scenery)

The Home Cockpit is built around the PMDG737-600/700.  For info on how
 it was done, please click a link

Boeing B737-600     Reg:EC-ING

+++  AIRCRAFT SERVICING by Aerosoft AES  +++

Servicing At Brussels (EBBR) Preparing For Departure BRUSSELS (EBBR) On the Gate at BRUSSELS (EBBR)
EC-ING Being Serviced at EBBR BRUSSELS

If I’ve bought one add-on this year (2008) that has enhanced the cockpit experience more than anything else, my vote goes to Aerosoft’s Airport Enhancement Services (AES).

AES Services At Madrid (LEMD) On The Gate At Madrid (LEMD) Love the Toilet Truck :o))
LEMD Madrid Services (Love the Toilet Truck)

We’ve all been to the airport and seen the flotilla of vehicles attending to all the requirements of an aircraft before it leaves. The Caterers, the Toilet Truck, the Cleaners, Baggage Handling, The Fuel Bowser etc.   Well Aerosoft bring all that to you in this neat little package.
Not only that but there’s the Pushback Tug which is going to put you exactly in position on the taxi line, uncouple and then a friendly little marshaller is going to send you off with a wave.

AES Servicing Gate A14 Lisbon (LPPT) LISBON (LPPT) Preparing For Departure Lisbon (LPPT) Pushback
LPPT Lisbon On Gate And Then Pushback

LISBON Gate A16 Pushback Pushback - Right on the Line :o) The Follow Me Car (with working indicators) 
PUSHBACK Right on the Taxi Line & the FOLLOW ME CAR

And, for arriving Traffic, you can request the ‘Follow Me’ Car to your designated Gate where, if there is no automated or signed Docking System, he is going to marshall you onto the stop position.
Everything is accompanied by Radio Messages from the Ground to the Cockpit of course.

 aes_lddu2.jpg (96360 bytes) aes_lddu3.jpg (86819 bytes) aes_lddu1.jpg (83651 bytes)
LDDU Dubrovnik Preparation Then The Boarding

Airport Gates without an Airbridge have the added feature of De-Boarding and Boarding via the Busses (both operations accompanied by Passenger Noise) and even the doors on the Busses open - how's that.

aes_lmml1.jpg (72077 bytes) aes_lmml2.jpg (77831 bytes) aes_lmml3.jpg (90133 bytes)
LMML MALTA Luqa On The Ground

Top Marks to Aerosoft for AES.  It's well worth a look. Start by downloading one of the Freeware Scenery's it Supports and activate one of the Free Airports to try it out.


On the left is a review of Aerosoft AES Airport Enhancement Services. Includes images and a general rundown of what it does and how it works.

This year's 'BEST BUY' 2008

1. Set Up Your Aircraft if it's not already in there
2. Add Your Credits

AES AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATION SCREEN    aes_conf4.jpg (36230 bytes)

3. Connect Your Airports    4. Set the volume's and the Vehicle attendance times and WAY TO GO

aes_config2.jpg (78160 bytes) aes_config1.jpg (38358 bytes)

aes_lgza1.jpg (92348 bytes) aes_lgza2.jpg (98595 bytes) aes_lgza3.jpg (93660 bytes)

Bjorn Harlin has introduced me to SWEDFLIGHT Scenery Design.  Specialising in all Main and not so large Airports in Sweden.  So i went exploring Stockholm Arlanda, WOW......Check these out , i'm off to Gothenburg then Copenhagen :o)

EC-ING at Palma de Mallorca (Airliners.Net) EC-ING at Barcelona from EC_ING at Milan Malpensa from

This is the aircraft which we operate with our cockpit.    AIR EUROPA   BOEING 737-600 Reg: EC-ING.  She is a regular visitor to both Holiday Destinations and Business Centres throughout Europe. 
You can catch EC-ING at Budapest, Kracow, Warsaw, Split, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Athens and  Lubijana all year and at  Kefalonia and Zakynthos in the Summer Months.
 EC-ING works routes to and from Destinations in South Western Europe and Italy as well.    Barcelona, Alicante, Palma, Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia, Reus, Palma, Milan Malpensa and Milan Bergamo are regular stop offs for us.

Aircraft Information
AVIONICS Full Avionics Suite comprising of 2 x Flight Illusion Comm Sets, 2 x Flight Illusion Nav Sets, CPFlight ADF (ADF1), Flight Illusion ADF (ADF2) and CPFlight Transponder.
NAVIGATION  Engravityty CDU/PMDG FMC combination utilising the Navigraph AIRAC data (updated monthly).
MCP CPFlight MCP and Fully Functioning EFIS System
INSTRUMENTATION PFD/ND from PMDG, EICAS & Standby Instruments coutesy of FSXpand
CONTROLS SIMMOTION Capt YOKE & Fabricated F/O Yoke units
Captain has ROUTECH Yoke & F/O has IFSP Moulded Yoke.
CH Rudder Pedals for both Pilots.
GROUND STEERING Dual Functional ROUTECH Tiller System
PEDESTAL    Lausitz Aviation

The 737-600 was launched by Scandinavian Airlines System in 1995 (EC-ING was actually leased to AIR EUROPA from SAS) , being most profitable for airlines focusing on long and thin routes. The 737-600 is the direct replacement of the 737-500 and competes with the A318/9. This is the only Boeing 737 still in production that does not include winglets.

Our Aircraft is powered by the CFM56-7 family, one of the most reliable jet engines ever produced with over 4400 in service on 2100 NG aircraft worldwide. At year end 2006, this engine series had accumulated almost 60 million flight hours over 29 million flight cycles - now that's flying :o)
And to get you thinking, a CFM56 powered aircraft takes off somewhere in the world every three seconds !!!

The CFM56 - Isn't it beautiful :o)

Built by CFM, a joint venture between SNECMA and the GENERAL ELECTRIC Co.

CFM56 Engine Homepage is HERE
Wiki Info on the CFM56 HERE
CFM56 Operating Info HERE

seatplan on our Boeing B737-600EC-ING is configured with 121 One Class Seats for either Economy or Charter work.  There are 4 main doors, two at the front of the cabin and two at the rear.  Green indicates normal cabin entry doors, blue indicates the service entry's and the red arrows are the two over-wing emergency exits.

SCENERY:  So you've 'kicked the tyres and lit the fires', so where do you fly from/to.  Here's some recommended free scenery you may like to check out for FS2004.

ISD Venezia LIPZ- Nice Complete Scenery  Italian Scenery Design - Venezia - LIPZ   click here
ISD  LIPZ - Very Nice Scenery

All these sceneries are 'frame rate friendly', graphically appealing and a good representation of the actual airport itself.
There are some very good free sceneries out there. I paticularly like the work done by the Italian ISD Guys, but they are not alone. 

LROP - Bucharest OtopeniBucharest Otopeni - LROP

GAP - Kerkyra (Corfu)KERKYRA (Corfu) By GAP

Sarajevo (Nice Approach) LQSALQSA - Sarajevo (Difficult Approach in Minimums)
LQSA Sarajevo - Get It HERE

Venezia LIPZ Flyby - Click Here for a better view LIMC Approach to 35L ISD Milan Malpensa LIMC - Free Scenery    :o)
ISD Project Milan Malpensa LIMC - Very Detailed.
Link to Italian Scenery Design Team 

GAP Greek Airport Project Zakynthos LGZA AEA252, clear on Charlie,taxi Stand 6.  Very realistic scenery GAP Zakynthos LGZA - click here for a better view
GAP Airports Zakynthos LGZA - Includes the Old (Departures) and the New (Arrivals) Terminals
Link to Greek Airports Project  HERE

EPKK Kracow Balice John Paul II EPKK Flyby.  Nice Detail and Apron Environment Kracow EPKK, Nice Detailed Provincial Airport in Poland
Kracow EPKK. This is a nice little Provincial Airport in Poland 
Get it

scenery16.jpg (51642 bytes) Gate A6 at LYBE Belgrade - click for a better view scenery15.jpg (46287 bytes)
Danube Scenery Design's Belgrade LYBE is another choice,  you can get it HERE And while you're at it, pick up the TIVAT LYTV package and have a go at the approach between the mountains.

ISD Bergamo LIME Scenery ISD Milan Malpensa click here for a bigger view aes_lddu4.jpg (103335 bytes)