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 10/09/09  ++  v5.8 Out Now.   EICAS Gauge Enhancements & Various Upgrades  ++ UPDATED Wednesday 4th  December 2009
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Quick Find: - The FSXpand EICAS Display

If you don't go to the expense of purchasing Project Magenta, there is a void in the middle of your Main Instrument Panel. But along came Gert Heijnis and his amazing FSXpand program which has fully filled the gap.
As I was using the existing PMDG Primary Flight Display and the Navigation Display, there remained a requirement for not only the centre EICAS instruments, but also the 3 standby instruments which the 737NG has to the right of the Captains 2 main screens and a rotary flaps gauge.
Quite by chance I met Gert Heijnis at the IFC in Blackpool, July 2005.   Gert and I have been talking to each other ever since and bouncing ideas around until the main man came up with the ideal solution for the EICAS.
Early in our working relationship, the standby instruments were in and working, then Gert upgraded the program to give me the Boeing Style Rotary Flaps Gauge.  Now the man has surpassed himself and delivered the goods.....The main EICAS Instruments exactly how I expected them to be.

Now I have been able to set up my centre monitor with the three standby instruments, the engine digital gauges and a rotary flaps gauge.
Each Instrument can be dragged to any position on the screen and is fully configurable  by size, font and appearance. FSXpand also gives the ability to display several different EICAS Screens such as Engine Primary, Normal etc. and with this in mind I have setup several screens that i can switch between. I have OFF/Standby, Engine Primary, Normal, Landing Panel and INOP.

Standby AI - Click To ZoomBoeing Style Altimeter/ASI Standby Instrument - Click to ZoomFSXpand HSI - Click to Zoom737 Flaps Gauge from FSXpand - Click To Zoom

 FSXpand Boeing 737 EICAS FSXpand Boeing 737 EICAS2 FSXpand Boeing 737 EICAS Off/Inop

fsxpand Boeing 737 Centre Eicas Screen another Boeing 737NG Eicas Screen from FSXpand the centre EICAS Off or INOP screen




Centre EICAS Display from FSXpand   FSXpand Centre Display (EICAS)

FSXpand EICAS & Flaps Gauge   FSXpand Centre EICAS Stanby & Flaps Instruments

So now just about any combination of instruments in all sizes and varieties can be configured using this amazing piece of programming.   And it doesn't end there...Although my main requirement is to fill the EICAS and Supplementary Instrument requirement in my BOEING B737NG Cockpit Environment, 

I have also used this program on my second BEECH 1900D project because FSXpand Instrumentation supports just about everything that's flyable that needs an instrument.  Thats from your basic CESSNA 150/152 thru Turbine Single and Multi Engine to Jets.....I cannot recommend this great VALUE FOR MONEY program enough.   And besides that, the author is a real nice guy who listens to his customers and acts on their ideas as well as his own.

Steve Cozens LYNX Helicopter Panel using FSXpand   Here's another good example. My colleague Steve COZENS has built a Westland LYNX Helicopter simulator using FSXpand.        Here's his panel

     FSXpand EICAS & Standby Instruments          FSXpand Compact EICAS 

Ok so what else do we get, well Gert has included in FSXpand the ability to use remote joysticks or joystick emulators to remotely control functions in FS2004 from any machine on which FSXpand or FSClient is installed. So what i did was to document my experiences controlling functions in MSFS remotely. Here are some Adobe .pdf files which might be of interest.

FSXPAND 'How To' Documents....
Set Up EICAS Screen Switching  HERE  

click here for how to switch your eicas panelsFSXpand EICAS Display FSXpand EICAS In My Home Cockpit
EICAS From FSXpand EICAS Display
Use Remote Joysticks/Emulators   HERE
FSXpand Website & Manuals
FSXpand Forum


FSXpand Boeing 737 EICAS Compact 1 FSXpand Boeing 737 EICAS Full FSXpand Boeing 737 EICAS Compact 2

Boeing 737 Primary Flight Display Boeing B737 Navigation Display ND Display in VOR Mode
v5.7 Included New Gauges like the PFD & ND, Brake Pressure Gauge and a Wet Compass

FSXPAND Wet CompassFSXPAND Brake Pressure Gauge