BEST ADD ON - AEROSOFT for AES (Love It, Love It)
BEST UTILITY - PETER DOWSON for the FSUIPC Mouse Macro Technique
BEST HARDWARE - LEO BODNAR for the BU0836X Controller

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Quick Find: - Building a Home Cockpit Simulator Photo's 2008

Timeline January to December 2008 - 'A Year In Home Cockpit Building'      One hell of a year. Got a lot done and accomplished, but there's still a way to go.  The small refinements and upgrades seem to take the most time :o))

January 2008, Managed to get hold of some real sweet Boeing 737 Seats from Andy McCall. A 'matching pair' - so to speak :o)) Madame bought me the CPFlight Transponder for Christmas and that was installed.  Also started on the Rear Overhead Panel as well.  Fibreglass 737 Yoke arrived from Dodiano in El Salvador, so work began on the Prototype Yoke. See the TECHNICAL Page 

Boeing 737 Fore & Aft Overhead Panels Boeing B737 Pilot Seats  Thanks to Andy McCall for These :o)  Look _ A Matching Pair :o) Boeing 737ng IRS Navigation Panel

boeing 737 yoke 737 yoke from Roberto Soriano bpeing 737 control wheel CPFlight XPNDR737 the CPFlight Transponder 'In Situ' opencockpits USBKeys Card and Connection Matrix Board

737ng Control Yoke CiM Flightdecks Rear Overhead Panel the dogs bollocks :o) - very pleased with this Boeing 737 Pilots Seats - Hi :o) view thru the cockpit door :o) 737 Pilots Seat (Must Face Forward During Landing (?) ) 737 yoke and rudders

Roberto Soriano Control Wheel ( Yoke ) Boeing 737 Yoke from Roberto Soriano the yoke in place boeing 737 yoke on test

February 2008, 

March 2008, In March the Second Steering Tiller handle arrived from Dieter Jakob at ROUTECH.  There was quite a debate about this, but no problem, in it went and now we can steer the aircraft from either side of the cockpit.
I have to give it to him - EXCELLENT QUALITY DIETER.

boeing 737ng steering tiller Routech boeing 737ng steering tiller See A Second Tiller First Officer Steering Tiller boeing 737ng steering tiller from Routech in Romania Boeing 737 with Dual Steering Tillers more at
Steering Tiller for the Boy :o) The Bosses Steering Wheel :o) nosewheel steering tiller from Routech Boeing 737 Captain's Steering Tiller Oh Look! A Second One :o)) Steering Tiller 1
Boeing 737 Captain's Position steering tiller for 737ng from Routech Steering Tiller at the First Officer Station We've Got The DT's (Dual Tillers) My Office at Night :o)

The Floor's In (At Last)Nice Kit, the CPFlight Transponder & ADFThe Finished Centre Pedestal CPFlight ADF and Transponder.April 2008,  April saw the addition of the CPFlight ADF. I already had a Flight Illusion ADF but I the 'strongclik' system made changing frequencies over a long range hard work. CPFlight now ADF1 and F/I ADF2.   Finally got round to putting the floor in.   Got to sort the seat rails !

May 2008,     In May I fitted the new SimMotion Overhead Panel.  I am very pleased with the effect and operation.

Boeing 737NG Overhead Panel The 737NG Fore & Aft Overhead Panels The Overhead nearing completion The Cockpit as of May 2008 Cold & Dark :o)) All fired Up and Ready for Taxi SimMotion Forward and Rear Overhead Panel

June 2008,   June saw the addition of the Tiller Decals from Lausitz Aviation and the completion of the boards for the 6 packs.

steering tiller indicator plates Boeing 737 Steering Tiller Plate Yoke, Steering Tiller and Light Switches F/O Steering Tiller Indicator Six Pack Cluster and Control Board 6 pack and the diode board switching diodes to allow me control of the six pack

July 2008 2008, Rudder Trim Knob & Crossfeed valve knobs arrived from Nihad. Dodiano's Glass fibre Yoke is OK, but it can't take the Punishment, so found another supplier in Holland. Got the Lightswitch Plates from Phil744 - lovely.

.Overhead Panel August 2008 737 Rudder Trim Knob My 737 Pedestal - August 2008 737NG Rudder Trim Knob from Nihad in Holland Rudder Trim Knob August 2008 Crossfeed Valve on The Fuel Panel 08/2008 Close Up of the Crossfeed Valve Knob

Welcome to My Office - July 2008 The New Overhead In Place July 2008 Are You Driving Or Am I ? Captain'sposition Can You Get MTV on this :o)) Phil744's Lightplates Phil's 737 Lightplate

August 2008, Awarded 'Featured Builder' Award and also Featured in PCPilot Magazine. Installed the latest version of FSXpand for my Eicas and Standby Instruments.  Second Yoke arrived from SAID in Holland. Also installed AES from AEROSOFT.    I'm amazed by the level of realism it adds.   This years best ADD ON.  Read about it HERE.

 FSXpand and My EICAS FSXpand and My EICAS July 2008 FSXpand gives me 5 differnt EICAS displays FSXpand EICAS EICAS by FSXpand - July 2008 EICAS Condensed Display by FSXpand Everything you need to know :o))

Captain's Yoke Boeing 737NG Home Cockpit 737NG Throttle Quadrant Welcome Aboard Where the Boss Sits. Who's a Happy Chappie Then? My Cockpit August 2008

 AES Madrid AES Brussels AES Madrid AES Malta AES Lisbon (Lisboa)

 737 Home Cockpit August 2008 The Second Control Column and Yoke Main Instrument Panel Aug 2008 Fully Moulded Yoke From Said 

September 2008, Built and Installed the second Control Column and Yoke.  Also bought some 'Bits and Bobs' from Nick at the Airline Pilots Historical Society to add to the 'Authenticity' :o))  The Interphone actually allows me to scream abuse at the passengers.  Also thanks chaps, 91,000 distinct visits to my website in the last year.

mk3 Yoke On Test the Mark 3 737NG Control Column Boeing 737NG Control Column & Yoke - Works a Dream APHS Atmoshprere Cockpit Decal APHS Descent Cockpit Decal PA Interphone (need to get a holder) Works Really Well

October 2008,    Holidays :o))

November 2008, We're all Off to Lelystad for the FSWEEKEND. Excellent time.  My thanks to Gert Heijnis, Alan Watson, David Bullock, Baris Imer Oral Barkay, Orpan, Peter Dowson, Peter Wilshire, the team, Said and Dieter Jakob.

You can't beay a good chinese banquet Phil & Matt Ollieman's Airbus Overhead Oral, Baris and Orpan - My Turkish Mates UK posse, Mike latham, Raplph Watson, Alan Watson & David Bullock What A Star Man- Dieter Jacob from ROUTECH Routech Stand- They kept giving me Beer :o)) Peter and Alan Watson with that TILLER :o))

Ian & Said  Baris and Orpan John Perrin, Ralph Watson and Steve Everson Jorg Hermann (one clever dude) another shot of the UK Crew Peter Wilshire me and Oral Barkay

December 2008, the Oxy Panels Arrived from Joe Cygan at Innovative Flight Simulator Products - F*****G STUNNING !

737NG Crew Oxygen Panels Oxygen Mask Oxy Panel Engraving Oxy Panels Everywhere To help You Breathe More Easily Joe Cygan's 737NG Oxygen Panels Joe Cygan's Crew Oxy Panels

And to finish it off, here's some shots of where we are 31/12/2008 - HAPPY NEW YEAR Captains....  Plans for 2009 include the Seat Rails, the Sidewall Shelves for the Oxy Mask Panels and some improvements.

Radio Bay & Throttle Quadrant Step In The Office Co-Pilot's Side The Bosses Chair :o)) Now Which Way is Copenhagen? 737ng Overhead Panel The Home Made Yoke & Control Column