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  UPDATED Friday 8th January 2010
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   737NG.co.uk - The Cockpit Shell

OK, how do you turn this drawing into a B737NG side window assembly easily? Quite simply you don't. The Windshield assembly is the most complex part of the shell, so I decided to start there.  What I did was to build a basic frame using straight angles and I will 'round' the two back window angles using the trim sheets.
OK, so it's
June 2006 and now i want to build the Shell.

My original plan was to start at the back and work forward, but I soon found my plan was 'flawed' because of space constraints, so i started experimenting with Panel Positions, Angles and getting the look right. Ok, i admit it looks awful, but the result :o))
The reason I have included 'Warts & All' photo's is this is a pictorial record and these were the experiments to get it looking right.

shell2.jpg (224202 bytes) shell3.jpg (224203 bytes) shell4.jpg (209712 bytes) shell5.jpg (217892 bytes) shell6.jpg (214250 bytes) shell7.jpg (216843 bytes)

view from the captain's side starting to get the impression of a real cockpit looking to the right in my 737NG cockpit a working 737-700 Overhead panel - WOW the windshield is next BOEING B737NG Overhead Panel i am so pleased with the impression

the windows are taking some time InFocus X3 Projector in place the shell frame is coming together now 737ng glareshield all finished i need to get this finished Boeing B737NG windows ain't easy pal good isn't it :o)

July 2006, armed with a drawing, a pile of wood and some tools, I set about trying to create a masterpiece like the one in the top right image.  I should have gone to the Pub !. If anybody tells you that building the windshield and side windows of a Boeing  737NG is easy, don't believe a word of it, it's a B*****D !.  I know, i've been there.   But dogged determination and a will to succeed gets you going in the right direction.  Electronics, Computers and Technology do not defeat me, but I have to take my hat off to you guys who can master the art of shaping wood into sophisticated art forms that your wife doesn't want to light the barbeque with.
So, two litres of blood later and some swear words i didn't know i knew, we are getting somewhere.   Out of nowhere , miraculously has appeared a shape that resembles the two front windshield panels.    I may have been a little over zealous with the centre support, but it has to support a lot of weight. And of course there's still time to change the design.

well i'm impressed at least full marks for effort when i grow up i want to be a carpenter :o) now we are smokin' who needs CAD/CAM ? OK the white wood is a dead giveaway that something went wrong

August 2006 Managed to get the windshield off the ground and mounted.  To my surprise it all actually fits. Now i know the physical dimension of the Front/Rear Overhead combination and with these in hand, i made the frame to hold them and got that fitted.  So the basic framework is starting to take shape.  I have one eyebrow window trim, so this made mating it all up much easier and of course the 737NG Flightdeck Dimensions right side is going to be a mirror image of the left.  Now I feel like i'm getting somewhere.  Preparation is everything, so i spent the rest of the year looking over what drawings i could find to formulate a plan.   I based most of my dimensions and angles from the drawings on this page (more on the TECHNICAL page) .  But A Word Of Advice, you have to be 'artistic' with the dimensions/angles to get it all to fit together properly.  This took me thru into the spring of 2007.

Boeing B737 Flightdeck Under Construction  Rear Overhead Panel from Lausitz Aviation  First Photos of the Cockpit Shell  are we having fun or what ?

The Shell Taking Shape May 2007The First Overhead Fit May 2007April 2007 The shots above are basically where we have got to by this time. The basic frame work is up and I'm just 'tweaking' the last angles and dimensions before I screw and glue it all in.  At this the basic frame and screen point, I think it's worth mentioning that a cockpit shell has quite a lot of weight to to.   My best guess is the weight of the wood, cables, brackets and light fittings is somewhere in the region of 60-70kg.  So I decided to build an 8 feet (about 2.5mtrs) outer frame to give me some support for the weight.  Secondly, there are so many cables and wires, i fitted plastic conduit along the beams to run the cables in.  Great idea, but I still have a plate of spaghetti behind the frame because i The Service Shelf can't get in there :o))   The frame is constructed from basic wall batten bolted together.  I am constrained to a width slightly over 3mtrs and a height which is basically the same, so positioning of the projectors is vital so I can A. Fill the screen and B. not have cockpit shell parts 'shadow' in the beams.  I also have an electric door on the garage, so I have had to work around the frame for that as well.   Finally, looking above the cockpit entrance, IThe Projectors have built a 'Services Shelf' to supply Mains Power and to house the Power Supply Units for 12v and 5v d.c. distribution to the Overhead Panel and MIP.
August to October 2007.   This time was spent building the roof and Trimming Out the Flightdeck....I was looking for a realistic shape to the roof and I just couldn't get it right.  I'm governed by the shape and size of the Eyebrow Windows on the bottom and the size/shape of the roof at the back where it meets the Overhead Frame.   I was 'stumped', couldn't get it right.  Then purely by chance I was returning from holiday and stood at a baggage carousel. Seen how the slats turn a corner?    BINGO, got it.

   flightdeck roof  roof detail  Co-Pilots Side  Captains Side  Lights Dimmed For Landing  Flightdeck Rear

DualHead2Go 2 x 1024x768 viewDualHead2Go 2048x768 viewYou just have to work in the space you havePROJECTORS At the time of writing, I have two ACER 1260 Projectors hooked up tru a DualHead2Go.  What this allows me to do is simply by altering the desktop properties is to switch between either of the images seen here.  Because of space constraints, i cannot use 3 projectors to have a Left Side (at 45 degrees),CENTRE and Right Side visual system.  But again given the positioning restraints, i cant get a single projector to fill the centre view.  So you have to give and take a little.

click here for a better view Another Shot of the Back Rear of Flightdeck Home From Home :o)) Electrical Automation Boards Rear View of Cockpit Visitors First View