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  UPDATED Friday 14th September 2007
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   SimMotion Flight Decks Overhead Panel.

  first light :o)    OK there's power on it now 16 LED's working, 85 to go :o)

starting to light it up cim_flightdecks_overhead23.jpg (54988 bytes) i much prefer them this way i really dont like these Engravity Toggle Caps Like This :o( 

  the Standby Power and Generator Drive Switches Boeing 737ng Standby Power and Drive Switches 

737NG Overhead 'Under Construction' @ 07/08/2007 737NG Foreward Overhead Panel the quality is amazing :o) CiM Flightdecks 737 Foreward Overhead Panel the 737ng Standby Flaps Panel

cim flightdecks boeing 737 overhead metering panel boeing 737 probe heat & window heat panel CiM Flightdecks 737ng Pressurisation Panel 737ng Air Con Panel from CiM Flight Decks here's the Fuel Pump Panel emergency exit lights Not Armed annunciator

i know where every wire goes :o) the CIM Flightdecks Overhead Panel centre switch stand on the Boeing 737 Overhead CIM Flighdecks Overhead Panel Close Up now where does the purple one go :o) 

CiM Flightdecks Boeing Overhead Panel  Boeing B737 Forward Overhead panel from CiM Flightdecks  737NG Foreward Overhead Panel Under Construction  737NG Starter Panel from the CiM Flightdecks Overhead  Lighting Switches on the 737NG Overhead

Lower section on the CiM Flight Decks Overhead  Here's Another One  Boeing B737 Wiper Switches and Starter  Long Paddle Switches Fitted and Wired  CiM Flight Decks Overhead Under Construction

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This is how the Backlighting is done. I use an ATX Power Supply to give me the d.c. for the LED's. This P.S.U. also delivers 12v, so I have hooked up 10 MES bulbholders around the frame and switch them thru the Panel Light Switch.  Here's a couple of shots of my OLD SYMULATORY PANEL to give you the idea.

click here to see the backlighting effect
Boeing 737NG Overhead Panel Backlighting

Things You Will Need

Lond Paddle Switch
These are the long paddle Toggle Switches you will need.  In Europe, you can get them HERE and in the US you can get them HERE

Taiwan Alpha Rotary Switch
Taiwan Alpha Rotary Switch Available in all switching formats and combinations just about anywhere. In the UK, get them HERE.

This is a Pulse Switch which operates in both directions. It contains two switching circuits. One switches in the Clockwise direction and the other switches in the Anti Clockwise direction. You get one ON/OFF sequence per detente.  Only the switch in the operating direction works.   It is a momentary switch which can give you one or repeated switching actions in both directions. Hook it up to your keyboard encoder or Joystick controller and you now have a rotary control. Heres the DATA SHEET

LED's, use High Intensity LED's because there's nothing worse than a dim indicator. You are going to need Blue, Green, RED and Amber.


A 500w (or better still a 650w) ATX Power Supply is going to give you all the power you need on the overhead. 12v, 5v, 3v and 2v are all readily available from this